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Why you should never buy a Minnesota Twins Calendar

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I have stopped using a physical calendar for sometime now. Mainly because I have a smartphone and I always want to have the calendar with me. Anyway this past year for the holiday season my own father bought me a Minnesota Twins Calendar. Then on Twitter this week I came upon the Mets Season calendar http://www.amazinavenue.com/2013/9/2...-mini-calendar

That got me to thinking is my Minnesota Twins Calendar just as worse? I will break it down month by month.

January - Brian Dozier - (Active with the Team) He is the silver lining to the 2013 Twins if there was one.

Feburuary - Alexi Casilla- (Designated for Assignment) by the Twins in the offseason as I am sure you know. Picked up the Baltimore Orioles and has a Team Option for the next season. If you want to pay 1.9 million a year for a slash line of
217/ .274 /.302 Then go right ahead
March- Justin Morneau (Traded) I feel that enough has been written and talked about him recently. and if you want more information then follow Jim Souhan because he is on the Beat of Morneau and the Pirates.

April- Glen Perkins (AllStar) Arguable the active Twins Best Player as Mauer is on the shelf with the Twin's nemeses of an injury. A Concussion.

May- Ben Revere (Traded) who has now turned the corner after a unhealthy 2013 season.

June- Joe Mauer ( All Star and Team MVP) Outside the concussion is living up to to is 23 million a year salary with the teams that Twins have put him through this past two years

July- Danny Valencia ( Designated for Assignment) After a 10 game stint with the Bobby V led Red Sox, Valencia has settled in nicely as a backup to Double Machine Manny Machado. Currently his triple Slash line for this season is .314/.346/.626.

August- Scott Diamond ( Optioned to AAA) he has been the biggest disspointment for the twins Starting Rotation this year. And that is saying something.

September - Francico Liriano He has almost returned to his old form ...with the Pirates Here is a good reason why http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/50493176

October- Chris Parmelee- (Optioned to AAA twice) He is giving Aaron Hicks a good run for his money on MN twins Biggest Disappointment of 2013.

November- Josh Williingham ( Dl and limited to only 97 games) His health has Terry Ryan thinking hindsight about trading him last year.

December - Denard Span ( Traded) Even though he is having a somewhat of a down year, I would still take him over Alex Pressley.

Next year I dont think I will buy this calendar… But at least the Twins Calendar is better than the mets?


  1. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    Two franchises that are the very definition of "in transition."
  2. ScottyBroco's Avatar
    Which one is closer to a winning season in transition?
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