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Questions for Cory Provus

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As some of you may not know I am the Events Chair for the Halsey hall SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) Chapter. Basically my job is to set up and run the spring and chapter meetings each each year. They are usually located in a church basement with serious baseball fans and most of the people are men in their 50's adn 60's . SABR, as well as a baseball, has serious age problem. Which is a whole another blog post in its own because attendance has never been higher. One of the reasons I read twins daily is because the crowd suits my age of 23 just fine. Even though I haven't really attended any social events. This year..

This year SABR was lucky enough to book Cory Provus the guest speaker for Fall Chapter Meeting November 2nd at Faith Mennonite Church in South Minneapolis. He will speak at 1pm.

One question that I will ask him how in the heck they decide on the order for play by play with Dan Gladden. It makes no sense to me. In fact I once tweeted Dave St. Peter and they retweeted me " to keep it fresh" Are they trying to save his voice? does any one else have an idea?

Or does anyone have a question that they would like to me to ask him?
Something that you are dying to know... Or complain about?
Remember it is not what you say but how you say it...

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  1. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
    How often do you have to bite your tongue? In other words, Mr. Provus, could you talk frankly about the balance between telling it like it is (Morneau, payroll cuts, salary dumps, etc...) and supporting the party line (propaganda?).
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