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End of Year Prospect List (1989 YOB)

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There are 20 players born in 1989 who make my end of 2013 Twins prospect list. I remember the very day that one of them was born, Michael Tonkin, because he was born on my ninth birthday and I remember it well. The 1989 bunch range from AAA/MLB players in Tonkin and Josmil Pinto down to current low-A pitchers, Tim Shibuya and Madison Boer.

1989 (20):
10. Josmil Pinto, C, RH, DOB: 3/31/89

2013 AA/AAA/MIN (AA/AAA stats): 528 plate appearances, .309/.400/.482 (.882) (.790 career), 32-1-15, 66 walks, 83 strikeouts, 0 steals, 2 times caught stealing.

Pinto is now up with the Twins for the month of September after smashing his way throw AA and AAA. Pinto is a capable defender behind the plate and is a much-needed RH bat to play the position in the post-Butera era. Pinto's position with the team is going to depend on whether the Twins make the smart move and trade Ryan Doumit in the offseason. If they do, Pinto will join Chris Herrmann as Joe Mauer's support. I like what I see in Pinto as he has catapulted up this list after making his appearance on it around 50 at the end of 2011.

33. James Beresford, 2B/SS/3B, LH, DOB: 1/19/89

2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): 403, .306/.363/.346 (.708) (.671), 12-1-0, 30/51, 10/2

Beresford is a good defender in the middle infield and has been consistent with the bat, especially since 2010. He possesses no power and will survive if he hits well, draws some walks, and is surrounded by guys with big bats like Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, and Kennys Vargas. It is not clear why he hasn't played SS much more this year because he is likely going to make it either as a utility infielder (third base should be no problem for him) or as a starting SS. Beresford should start the season next year at AAA and try to improve his slugging somewhat before replacing Eduardo Escobar or Pedro Florimon if he play merits it.

46. Logan Darnell, LHS , DOB: 2-2-89

2013 AA/AAA (combined stats), 153.2 innings pitched, 3.22 ERA, 120/45 (6.2/2.5 career rates)

Darnell bounced back from a lackluster 2012 to pitch effectively. He has brought his strikeout rate up nicely in 2013 and could factor in as a lefty out of the bullpen if needed for the Twins. He will start with Rochester to begin the season.

18. Michael Tonkin, RHR, DOB: 11/19/89

2013 AA/AAA/MIN (AA/AAA stats), 57, 3.47, 66/16 (9.2/2.4)

Tonkin had some very limited time with the Twins this year and is definitely the frontrunner to join the Twins 'pen out of the gate next year if the Twins don't bring Josh Roenicke back or if someone else falters or is injured. I would hope that the Twins try to trade off some relievers as soon as the market for them begins to sour in the offseason. Tonkin throws heat and could be an effective setup man.

59. Pat Dean, LHS, DOB: 5/25/89

2013 AA/AAA (combined stats), 165, 4.04, 83/22 (5.5/1.6)

It is hard for me to imagine Dean being a major league starter. He will start in Rochester in 2014 and hopefully the K rate improves. Otherwise he is a less effective version of Andrew Albers. Now it is possible that he could regain some velocity and be a serviceable lefty out of the bullpen down the road.

58. Edgar Ibarra, LHR, DOB: 5/31/89

2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): 60.2, 1.93 54/29 (7.8/3.9)

Ibarra had split time as a reliever and starter up through 2011 and he was not very good. In 2012 he was not very good as a reliever, but in 2013 he emerged as quite effective, really limiting the number of hit off of him. But he continues to walk a lot of batters and his strikeout rate is declining. This coming season he could rise in the Rochester bullpen as the left-handed setup man. I put him one spot ahead of Dean because Dean could potentially be Edgar Ibarra 2.0 will a similar move to the bullpen.

70. Deolis Guerra, RHR, DOB: 4-17-89

AAA, but 2013 GCL: 4, 4.50, 3/1 (6.8/3.3)

Guerra will still be 24 on opening day 2014. It is hard not to think of his as closer to 30 than 20, but he has simply been around forever since very young. His only hope is as a middle reliever in the future, but he might be a very effective one. If he remains in the Twins organization, he will be in Rochester.

63. Angel Morales, OF, RH, DOB: 11/24/89

2013 A+/AA (combined stats): 418, .239/.304/.427 (.731) (.761), 23-5-12, 32/127, 8/7

When Morales lost most of the 2011 season, one might have thought that it was just one lost season and that it was no big deal in the long run. But it wasn't until 2013 that Morales finally showed mastery of A+ ball. Once a part of a dynamic quartet of Twins OF prospects (with Revere, Benson, and Hicks . . . wow), Morales is now struggling to stay in the system. His AA performance was shockingly bad. That he was still able to ascend a level leads me to believe that the Twins should still not give up on him and hope that another year of AA baseball will help him, but he certainly cannot remain on the same timetable.

51. Dan Rohlfing, C/corner OF, RH, DOB: 2/12/89

2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): 432, .267/.352/.341 (.693) (.650), 15-2-3, 48-96, 0-1

Rohlfing is following the Chris Herrmann route in demonstrating positional versatility while being a primary catcher. This likely is his one path to the majors. He is still young and showed a bit of promise in Rochester and should hopefully start 2014 there with Knudson.

8. Trevor May, RHS, DOB: 9-23-89

2013 AA: 151.2, 4.51, 159/67 (10.7/4.6)

May is going to the Arizona Fall League to get more innings and build off a season of incremental improvement in his second year in the Eastern League. The ERA is still high as he cannot get his WHIP under control. That said, he did strike out a few more and walk a few less. Really, the Twins should be happy with this performance because at the least it looks like May will be consistent and maybe be able to provide some low-4.00 ERAs with some improvement. Getting a 4th starter out of the Revere deal is good, even if it took a bit to get there. I have to think that May starts 2014 in AAA and is going to be due for a 2014 arrival with the Twins at some point around mid-season.

37. Nate Roberts, LF/RF, LH, DOB: 2/25/89

2013 A+ 5 .250/.400/.500 (.900) (.897), 1-0-0, 0-0, 0-0

Roberts played in one game in 2013 and he maintained his crazy HBP standard by getting plunked. This injury business is killing his career and hopefully he can have a healthy 2014. The Twins really just need to move him to AA and hope he is healthy--there is no point for him to play at lower levels at this point. There is significant potential here and it is a shame that it is going to waste.

34. Matthew Summers, RHS, DOB: 8/17/89

2013 AA/A+ (combined stats): 142.2, 3.09, 100/46 (6.7/3.2)

2013 was a season of solid improvement for Summers. He is inching his K rate up and lowered his walk rate. He is keeping the hits down both in number and literally--he gave up only three homers all year. If that stat is not a fluke than his future is promising as he climbs the ladder. 2014 should see him start in New Britain.

55. Nelvin Fuentes, LHR, DOB: 4/7/89

2013 AA/A+ (combined stats): 51.1, 4.03, 58/17 (10.1/2.8)

Fuentes can really strike guys out and in 2013 he started to limit hits given up at a more acceptable rate for A+ ball. He's a talented lefty who should get a second shot at starting in AA next season and hopefully he continues to progress.

61. Steven Gruver, LHR, DOB: 6-30-89

2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 79, 2.85, 76/29 (7.0/2.7)

Gruver has moved to full-time relieving duties. He did not pitch very well in a small amount of A+ time in 2013, so he will be headed back there for 2014. He's one of a ton of left-handed middle relievers in the organization, so he is going to have to distinguish himself.

80. Lance Ray, LF/RF/1B, LH, DOB: 9-2-89

2013 GCL/A+ (combined stats): 127, .207/.299/.279 (.578) (.743), 5-0-1, 14-26, 2-1

After taking a lateral step with his promotion in 2012 to Fort Myers, Ray took a step back with injury and poor performance in 2013. He is going to have to bounce back and improve even on his 2012 A+ time in order to be relevant in the organization going forward (and I was once very high on him).

38. Tyler Jones, RHR, DOB: 9/5/89

2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 52.1, 2.58, 66/20 (10.8/3.5)

Jones improved on his 2012 numbers and could be a real force to be reckoned with out of the bullpen. He got hit a little in the FSL, but his stuff is very impressive. Should be a bi-level player again next year and be tapping at the Twins door in 2015 if all goes well.

71. David Hurlbut, LHP, DOB: 11/24/89

2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 70.1, 2.82, 64/13 (7.3/1.8)

Hurlbut did start some this year, but he is more effective as a reliever and his K rate is only really acceptable as a reliever for right now. Given his, he has to get in line behind a lot of middle relief types in this organization.

78. Manuel Soliman, RHP, DOB: 8/11/89

2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 80, 5.40, 63/50 (8.0/3.7)

Soliman just turned 24, so not all is lost. The Twins used him primarily as a starter in Fort Myers, but there is no way that this will continue. Hopefully he can get under control, get his K rate back up, and prove to be an effective reliever.

77. Tim Shibuya, RHP, DOB: 9/14/89

2013 ELZ/A- (combined stats): 57, 1.42, 38/8 (7.2/1.5)

Shibuya's 2012 was a mess after a promising 2011 season. He was successful at Cedar Rapids this year, but he should be successful there at his age. The strikeouts aren't coming anymore. He has great control and keeps the hits low. He will be tested next year in Fort Myers.

69. Madison Boer, RHP, DOB: 11/9/89

2013 GCL/A-/A+ (combined stats): 40.1, 5.13, 33/15 (7.1/2.6)

Boer's health is a concern and his performance has been very underwhelming the past two years. He will start 2014 in Fort Myers again, and should probably be relegated to the bullpen.

There are the 20 players born in 1989 cracking my top 80 Twins prospects list. Two of them (May and Pinto) made the top 10 and Lance Ray rounds out the list at number 80. The next installment features players born in 1990.
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