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The Setting Sun of Morneau

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It sure seems like the MLB media and a portion of the Twins Community thinks Justin Morneau is on his way out of Minnesota VIA trade. I will have to see it to believe it, but I have resigned myself to this scenario becoming a definite possibility.

I want to cut to the chase. Morneau certainly did not live up to his potential. 7 years ago I expected that his numbers and accomplishments would be much further along than they are now. I do not say this to be negative, I do not say this to pick a fight, I only say this because it is what I see to be true.

From 2006 to 2010, Morneau was pretty damn good. Obviously 2006 will be his career year if the trend of his career continues.

2007-2009, we seen some very good years from Morneau… bordering on great. He seemed to run out of gas towards the end of the season in 2007 & 2008. In 2009, he seemed to run out of gas at the end, but he was hurt.

2010 was the career year in the making, but unfortunately, we all know how this story ends. I wish Justin had a bit more of a luck factor working his way. It appears that the concussion changed the caliber of player he is.

In 2013, I do not know what to think of him as a player… will he have a power surge? Will he be a .280, 12 HR kind of guy? It makes me sad because Mr. Morneau could have been a lot better than what we see on his stat page. Justin was a great player in the making… it just never happened.

If the Twins trade Justin for a Liriano-esque return. I will be insulted and so should everyone else. Morneau was once one of the predominant faces of this ball club. Even though it might not be justified – I still think he is.

I don’t want to see the Twins trade JM for a poop scoop and a box full of kitty litter. I would rather see the Twins hold onto Morneau, give him his proper respects and let the next 2.5 months be a Justin Morneau farewell tour. Let fans salute him and let him know what he has meant to us the past 10 years.

I am of the opinion that we may need to move on from Morneau after this season, but if the price is right and he has a decent second half of the season… maybe you hold onto him a little while longer if he concurs.

In my lifetime, our best first basemen have been Kent Hrbek and Justin Morneau.

If the Twins do trade Morneau and all we receive in return is a **** sandwich – it will show me what kind of franchise we have and what to expect in the future.

Thanks for reading,

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