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stringer bell

Fire 'em All!

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I haven't paid close attention to the Twins for the past couple of weeks. I was on the road last (long) weekend and have played golf in the warm weather every night. I caught part of the game yesterday and followed along as the Twins were swept today. My frustration level with the product on the field has reached new highs. I checked out the numbers for all of the players and besides the disabled Mauer, no one is an even average hitter for their position. Yesterday was a sloppy defensive game and I understand there were mistakes in the field on Tuesday as well. We've known all year that the pitching staff is subpar, but I thought the offense and defense would improve this year. It hasn't. Right now this team is as bad as either of the two 90+ loss teams that preceded it.

My solution? Fire everybody. Gardy--gone. "Andy"--pink slip. Steiny and Bruno--you're gone too. Vavra and Ullger--part of the current regime--out the door. The architect of this mess (Terry Ryan)--retired or fired. The time for patience and continuity is over. Of the 25 guys on the roster right now, no more than a couple will be playing for the team when they are relevant again. Sweep the floor clean and start over. Besides this, high-quality guys might want to take over as GM or field manager because the farm system is loaded.

I am sick of seeing non-competitive lineups and efforts in the last third of the season and tired of counting my team out by the 4th of July, if not sooner. While most of the guys I am calling to be fired are good baseball guys, and I don't think it is all the fault of any one person, it is time to quit trying to tweak the "Twins way" and going a new direction. I also won't mind seeing major shakeups of the "talent" on the field. Go young, with a small sprinkling of veterans, trade away or DFA the chaff and get started on becoming a dominant team in this decade instead of looking back at the competitiveness of the last one. If the one star (Mauer) isn't happy with this, ask him to waive his no-trade contract and get a real haul for him.


  1. darin617's Avatar
    Well said, this could have been from last season when they cleaned house besides keeping Gardy and his BFF Rick Anderson. I would also love some new owners that care about putting a good product on the field instead of making $100M+ every year.
  2. howieramone's Avatar
    Nothing a fan board enjoys more than a good firing. Ryan has been back in charge all of 21 months. If you subscribe to the Kansas City or Pittsburgh mode of rebuilding you are quite correct. If you embrace the Twins goal of avoiding a long rebuild, as practiced by Terry Ryan, as many on this board do and seemly more and more of the national media, you will see the wisdom of practicing patience. Early returns have the parade starting in 2015.
  3. nicksaviking's Avatar
    "Early returns have the parade starting in 2015."

    Which early returns? Are you talking about the success of the youngsters that are supposed to help bring this team back to contention, Hicks, Arcia, Gibson and Parmelee.

    Something is broken and it needs to be fixed. I think it is complacency, time to clean house. Do some people deserve to get the boot? Probably not but they are supposed to be in the business of winning so if it is not clear which part is broken, why not replace it all?

    Your post is one long contradiction. He's only been back in charge for 21 months so we need to show patience yet you for some reason assume to know his goal, which you state is to avoid a long rebuild. How do you come to that conclusion? Especially when you are also preaching patience?
  4. stringer bell's Avatar
    Beyond the "patience" mantra, I am wondering about some specifics from the front office and field staff. I question how well they relate to the young guys, particularly the Hispanic players, and I think they need a better plan in dealing with prospects when they break in to the majors (e.g. Hicks and Arcia). The front office is culpable in going with limited pitchers (command and control, pitch to contact) and position players. They have been slow to delve into advanced stats and have been slow to go along with the power bat/power arm combo for a winning team. Further, I question whether the Twins have been prudent in valuing their assets and free agent assets.
  5. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    The real contradiction, in my book, is Terry Ryan insisting that we were going to be competitive this year, then fielding this SP rotation.

    Really makes you wonder...

    I'd have more respect for him had he acknowledged that this would be a rebuilding year.
  6. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Earlier today while reading another post I spent some time trying to find a pre-season interview with Terry Ryan that said more than "if <mumble mumble happens> we'll win our share."

    Actually I find the opposite in this December interview:

    Mackey: Will Twins compete in 2013? 'We have to be realistic,' GM says | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities ? Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) | Sportswire: Minnesota Twins

    "I think the goal here is to get better," Ryan said.

    He danced around the question of competing in 2013. "We'll try," he said when asked directly. I don't see where he insists. Does someone have a different source to point to where he does?
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