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My plan for the 2014 Twins

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With 2013 being lost and 2014 not looking good for the start, this is my plan, on a limited payroll, est $80-$90 million(dueable with extra $25 million Twins will get next year for TV/radio rights) to try and put a competitive team on the field and sell seats to the fans.
1. Upgrade starting pitching staff. Sign if possible Josh Johnson and Tim Lincecum to contracts. Johnson should be a one year with option at about $7 millions. Lincecum may need 3 years for about $15 million a year to get it done. This assumes Giants do not make a qualifying offer.
1. Johnson
2. Corrira
3. Deduno
4. Lincecum or other upper level FA
5. Albers

This leaves Diamond, Worley (Who could take Pressley's spot in the bullpen) at AAA for replacements. Do not view Hendriks as a major league pitcher.

2. Reorgainize bullpen. Roenicke will probably be gone, Tonkin should get a look, Pressley should be back in AAA unless Twins decide he is bullpen only.
Bullpen will consist of
1. Perkins
2. Burton
3. Fien
4. Thielbar
5. Swarzak
6. Duensing (unless traded, which should be looked at). His arbitration number may be higher than he is worth)
7. Pressley if Twins decide he is worth it (I would put him at AAA and give him a shot at starting) I would use an FA or rule 5 draft pick here

Catching. This is the big question as it affects all the other positions. My guess is that Mauer will catch some, but the next concussion could end that.
1. Mauer
2. Doumit
3. Herrmann
Pinto will start it AAA, If he forces his way on the roster Doumit could be traded, at this time think this would be selling low.

1B Collobella, Parmelee, Mauer - do not see Morneau back too much money needed for pitching and Mauer's concussion has changed the diametics.
2B Dozier
SS Florimon
3B Plouffe - Sano should replace about midyear. This would push Plouffe to a Utility/platoon role against lefties
Utility Escobar
1. Arcia
2. Non catcher/bench of Herrmann or Doumit
3. Sign Grady Sizemore to an incentive laden contract. Hopefully he will be healthy by late fall. Chance to have someone good at a reasonable price. 1 Year 3-4 million with incentives to earn a lot more. With an option year.
4. Mastro
That is 2014 12 pitchers, 3 catchers, 5 infielders, 4 outfielders and one undetermined DH or a Rochester addition next year (Richerson, Romero).

Let me know your comments.
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  1. orangevening's Avatar
    I see a lot of fantasy FA (esp. pitcher) signings, not just here but other comment broads. I know that it's a FO excuse too, but it takes two to tangle. Minnesota is not a place were FA have on the top of there list, at least the front line FA. Any no way would Ryan sign any pitcher for 15$ a year, esp how Lincecum has pitch last 2 years. Johnson at 7$ is maybe reasonable, but it better be incentive based. Siezmore I don't see coming here, esp with our outfield depth in the minors. I think they give Hicks another shot or even Mastro starting. Depends on ST again (a sad repeat of last year)
  2. scottsilvi's Avatar
    Looks like another team that will scrape the bottom of the AVG w/ RISP, and a starting staff that will be in the bottom third of ERA in the AL.

    And that would be with signing two SP's. Makes me sad.
  3. howieramone's Avatar
    Gibson and Hicks are locks.
  4. beckmt's Avatar
    Missed Gibson, but do not think he is a lock. Only one starting pitcher from FA would be a repeat of this year, only worse with less hitting.
  5. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    My plan for the 2014 Twins is to be drunk until Sano, Rosario, and Buxton arrive. I'll let you judge which is the better plan.
  6. Docsilly's Avatar
    Josh Johnson I can see coming here. I personally would like to see them give Hughes a contract similar to Corrira's and maybe add some incentives because he is younger than almost any of the FA pitchers and he's a fly ball pitcher which would be a good fit at TF. They need to do something with the atrocious hitting. I've followed baseball my whole life and cannot remember so many hitters batting not even below .250 but in the .210-.230's.
    Almost the entire team has those batting averages. They make the Gagne's, Lombo's, Pags, etc look like all stars. Absolutely horrible. Imagine if they could hit .250 where'd this team be. Also, I don't understand the ripping on Corrira. He's been our best pitcher this season especially the last couple outings. If any of us on TD would've said ERA 4.50 +/- in the AL coming from NL when the signing occurred, we all would've been estatic.
  7. stringer bell's Avatar
    Lots of candidates for the starting rotation. I think Gibson and Worley are good candidates for bounceback seasons. I would like to see the Twins sign Johnson and maybe Vargas. I think they should replace Morneau with Morales (more of a DH, but I like Mauer playing a lot of first) and Morales has negligible platoon splits. Casey Fien and Roenicke should probably be gone (hopefully the Twins could get something for Casey), Hicks needs to win back center field (I think he will) and Parmelee will need to re-establish himself as a big leaguer, probably starting as a bench player.
  8. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I've been wondering about trading away Doumit, but I might like your plan better: keep him now since he value is iffy and roll the dice on him as a midyear acquisition. I guess I'd want to see how things shake out. If he's going to be spending a lot of time at DH, I'm not going to be happy.

    I can't go with Sizemore, but I wouldn't be totally opposed to them signing someone to play cf for a year. But I think I'd also be satisfied with Clete/Mastro holding the spot until either Hicks or Buxton takes it away.
  9. clutterheart's Avatar
    If the Twins can't/won't overpay and improve their team via FA or trades, the FO needs to seriously consider trading Mauer and eat some of his contract for a few really good prospects.

    It makes me sad to watch the Twins waste such an amazing talent like Mauer.
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