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Mauer's value

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This past series,and the next, Mauer will be watching his teammate,from home, as they get ready to face the Kansas City Royals. A month ago us fans were hoping by now we would be ahead in the standings looking down on the Royals and maybe even the Indians. And after having 23 games in the month of August against central division opponents this isn't the case. The Twins only ended up winning 9 out of those 20 games (3 left to be played against Kansas City).

After going onto the 7-day Disabled-List with a concussion the Mauer-less Twins have gone 3-3, a steady .500. Now it has been nice to see some rookies play as of late, such as Herrmann or Colabello. But nothing compares to the high average, low strikeout catcher that is Joe Mauer. On the radio the other day, I heard some say that the Twins are just fine without Mauer just as the Vikings were with Percy Harvin. Rather there is no need for the Twins to pay so much for so little of what he is doing. See what this is, is just a misunderstanding, nothing more. Mauer's presence in a major league lineup is something that is rare and something very few teams have in a catcher. He is something the Twins can't live without at this moment, he is the only good offensive player the Twins have right now. Sure they can score runs without him, but very few of them. Mauer's value to this team is needed yet it is limitless.

Mauer has the abilities to play catcher, his one true position, first base which is most likely his future position or even the occasional right field, something that he and I hopes never happens again. Yet the only and main reason that he plays in different positions across the field is so that his bat can stay in the lineup. No matter if he bats second or third. No matter who follows him in the lineup, weather it's Morneau or Willingham, he is going to make an impact in the Minnesota Twins lineup. His bat is what makes him who he is, yes he has won some gold gloves in the past, but who knows if he will win any over at first base. His offensive potential has been reached and met by people's expectations back when he was drafted first overall in the 2001 Amateur Draft. Because of his offensive abilities his WAR is an outstanding 5.2 this season which ranks best across the league for catchers. He also leads all catchers in At Bats this season with 445 along with having the 2ed best average in the league. So he's not just healthy this year, but he's consistent as well.

Right now no one can replace Mauer's ability to play the game of baseball, not Herrmann, nor Doumit, or Sano or even Buxton. Sure we all think Buxton and Sano will be superstars one day but right Mauer is the bigger man in the Minnesota Twins organization. He has shown us day in and day out that he can hit a Chapman's 100-Mph fastball, Sabathia's Curveball and whatever Verlander has to offer. The point is that he can and he will hit for average at an exceptional level that Buxton and Sano quite possibly may never reach. So embrace his value now, while he's in his prime years of his career.

~as seen on http://upnorthbaseballl.blogspot.com/ ~

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  1. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    Thanks for the submission. Next time, when you add your blog, could you include a link, too? I can't find any blog with that URL for some reason.
  2. Anorthagen's Avatar
    I think I finally got the link to work.
  3. darin617's Avatar
    Come on really? Hit a 100mph fast ball or Sabathia's Curveball. If you know heat is coming or a nasty curve almost any professional hitter can get the timing down and connect. Don't get me wrong Mr. Mauer is a great athlete, but he is not the greatest or will never make the top 100 of all time.
    If Mr. Mauer chose football over baseball his career would have ended after 3-4 with his durability. We should all be thankful that the Pohlad's are such great people to give him 35-40% of the payroll a year because he is such a great hometown player.
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