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Axel Kohagen

Then We Dotted the "i" - (Twins versus Mets -- Game 123)

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(Twins 1 Mets 6 -- Game 123)

Today, two teams who won't get near the playoffs came together to play one final game that didn't mean much of anything. Except the Twins still lost.

Pitcher Kyle Gibson lost his job, too. I decided years ago he was going to be the future of the organization, so I made plans to stick with him throughout his ups and downs so I could say I always knew he'd be an ace.

I willed it, but it didn't happen. I can't say I'm sure anymore, which means I have tumbled off of the Kyle Gibson bandwagon after all. I'd tell you I'll never give up just to look stalwart for the fanbase, but I know any my heart I don't expect anything beyond fourth or fifth starter for him.

I'm not saying I'm an expert at anything, except at being cynical and reacting too emotionally.


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