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Looking Ahead: My Realistic 2015 Minnesota Twins roster

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As many of you know, 2014 Will be an add on type of year or build on year off of the success the Twins have had from 2011-2013.... But almost certainly the Twins will again NOT compete in 2014. The same could be said for 2015 as well, however i think that is the year, while in transition, the Twins can breakout and build a playoff team and atmosphere. Bring back the winning way again in the Twin Cities. This assuming Gardy is at the helm and the chemistry is very good in the clubhouse.

Many may think 2016 or 2017 may be the next most likihood scenerio in which the Twins respectively compete for division crowns again. And while that may be true and very exciting, and hopefully not any later than those yrs. I see the Twins actually competing in 2015, particulary the second half.

#1 Brandon Morrow
#2 Kyle Gibson
#3 *Alex Meyer
#4 Scott Diamond/ Samuel Deduno
#5 Trevor May (may be in and out from bullpen to rotation)

CL Glen Perkins
RP Casey Fien
RP Jared Burton
RP Caleb Theilbar
MR Ryan Pressly
MR *Matt Hauser / Michael Tonkin
LR Andrew Albers

C - Chris Herrmann, Josmil Pinto
1B - Joe Mauer , Chris Collabello
2B - Eddie Rosario
SS - Brian Dozier , Daniel Santana, Eduardo Escobar
3B- *Miguel Sano
CF - Aaron Hicks
OF - Oswaldo Arcia
OF - Trevor Plouffe (hoping for a bit of alex gordon magic with the move)
4th OF - Chris Parmelee (i think he'll have hit his way on to the team by now)

lineup .... and semi reasonable outcome 2015 line:

1. S , Aaron Hicks (.255 / 340 / 775)
2. L , Eddie Rosario (. 275/ 330 / 780)
3. L , Joe Mauer (.330 / 390 / 840)
4. R, *Miguel Sano (.245 / 320 / 860)
5. L, Oswaldo Arcia (.285 / 345 / 810)
6. R, Trevor Plouffe (.265 / 335/ 800)
7. R, Josmil Pinto (.275 / 340/ 795)
8. L , Chris Parmelee (DH) / Collabelo
9. R , Dozier / Santana
10th man --- Chris Herrmann

AAA Rochester Red Wings

may hold:

OFer's Byron Buxton, Danny Ortiz, and Evan Bigley
InFer's James Beresford, Nate Hanson, Deibinson Romero, Travis Harrison levi michael?
Catcher Kyle Knudson

pitchers: Liam Hendriks, Logan Darnell, Alex Wimmers, DJ Baxendale, BJ Hermsen
Zach Jones, Edgar Ibarra, Dakota Watts, A.J. Achter, Jose Gonzalez, Ricky Bowen

AA New Britian Rock Cats

may hold:

Ofer's A.B. Walker, Max Kepler, Nathan Roberts / Lance Ray
InFer's Jorge Polanco, Kennys Vargas, Aderlin Mejia, Adam Bryant.
Cathcer Matt Koch , Bo Atolbeli

ptichers: Jose Berrios, Jason Wheeler, Tyler Duffy, Tyler Jones, Mason Melotakis
Corey Williams, Madison Boer, Hudson Boyd, Luke Bard, Sam Gilbert, Miguel Munoz, Manuel Solimon, Ryan Eades.? Kohl Stewart i think will be with the Miracle

Behind my thinking, My rationale is that... I think while this team is young, I think they could be in position to make a trade or 2 and a nice pickup at the trade deadline in the middle of the summer , and THEN could be in position to challenge the Royals, or Tigers or maybe Indians down the stretch and challenge for the playoff spot. Now with that said, hopefully only 2 of those 3 clubs are in contention and not all 3.

With guys like Zach Jones and Byron Buxton being hopeful September Call-ups (or sooner!) to Give the young team a little added spark.

Question i have is this too optimistic ?

Or is this feasable and very passable? I think Brandon Morrow would be a nice 2014-2015 FA addition, with Josh Johnson (twin cities native) another opiton potentially. Maybe via trade

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  1. beckmt's Avatar
    Josh Johnson may be an FA this offseason, so that would be reasonable. Where is Kohl Steward as I would expect he would be to at least New Britain by 2015.
    Nice article and guess for that period. May have Bryon Buxton up here by 2015, expect Parmelee to be gone. Some of the minors may be gone by then, but all in all a nice guess.
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    Also might look at Linecum who will be an FA at the end of this year. Twins need to spent money on pitching, might as well start with possible top of rotation candidates.
  3. Siehbiscuit's Avatar
    If there is anyway that Diamond is being considered for a starting spot we are still in major trouble.

    Meyer, Gibson, May all need to be in the starting rotation with two others that are likely not in our organization currently. I wouldnt be surprised if Ryan Pressley is stretched out to become a starter as well. Burton will be gone and Fien will fill in as the setup guy.

    I also wouldn't rule out Florimon still being here. Dozier isn't going to go back to SS, IMO.

    Mauer will still be the everday catcher in 2015, IMO as well. Pinto primary backup. Hermann will fill a backup catcher/4th OF role. Parmalee will be 1st base or bust by 2015.
  4. rikker49's Avatar
    Bruce Pugh--released last month
  5. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I don't think this is overly optimistic. The key, to me, is still starting pitching. The Twins need to figure out just where that is coming from. Morrow is an interesting name to throw out there.
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