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Miguel Sano L-R splits

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Sano's left-right splits at New Britain are backwards. His OPS against righties is .965, but against lefties, it is only .714 (overall .899). This would appear to be a positive stat in that his performance against lefties is likely to catch up and pass what he is already doing against righties.

Anyone have access to his splits for earlier teams? Has this been a persistent pattern?
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  1. Willihammer's Avatar
    Miguel Sano at Minor League Central

    Select year.

    He has maintained very small splits throughout and I would agree this is a very good sign.
  2. SgtSchmidt11's Avatar
    He did the same thing though at Ft. Myers this year. L:301/363/521 R:346/454/729. That's a crazy split and oddly enough in the wrong direction...
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