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Walker Drops Out of Prospect Rankings

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How does Walker drop out of the Twins Prospect Rankings?

Leads the Midwest League or Top 3 Ranking in: HRs / RBIs / Slg% / OPS% / TBs / & Runs.

Walker gets jumped over by this years 3rd rounder who is only 2 months younger (Turner) and in Rookie ball. He is the 7th ranked guy on his own on team? and still behind 2 guys who have yet to pitch this season (Bard & Chargois)?

Am I the only one who finds this just wrong?
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  1. lightfoot789's Avatar
    These Rankings are from Jonathon Mayo and on MLB site
  2. clutterheart's Avatar
    Because he is old for his level, doesn't play a "premium" position and strikes out a lot
  3. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by clutterheart
    Because he is old for his level, doesn't play a "premium" position and strikes out a lot
    He is actually at league average (21) and strikes out less than Harrison and Goodrum. Not a "premium position" is the only thing I can understand. His strike out rate is better than Chris Davis (29%) - Willingham (25.8%) - Stanton (26% - & Stanton was 28.5% last year when he was an All Star).

    A 22% strike out rate is generally not considered alarming for a power hitter who produces at the rate he is. Why are people calling a 21 year old "old" for A ball?
    By mathematics that puts him in the Show at 24 years old. This years 3rd round pick (Turner) is 21 and will be 22 this year. Thier other Catching draft pick (Garver) is already 22 years old. Oh yeah and they both are in Rookie Ball. Turner Catches and can play defense, but he went in the 3rd round just like Walker (because he had flaws). I love Harrison and Goodrum and believe they both will make it to MLB someday. I just think Walker is visibly the best player on the CR field not named Buxton. IMO
  4. DAM DC Twins Fans's Avatar
    I take these lists with very few grains...but yes Adam Walker needs to be on them...

    My adopt-a-prospect (Gonsalves) and Kohl Stewart who seem to be destined to be linked with each other are both on this list...between them they have pitched about 25 innings in their minor league careers...that is less than a small sample size...how can you project from that vs. Walker's whole season. To me, don't include 2013 draftees till next spring at the earliest.
  5. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Prospects should be below league average age. If you are league average age, you are old for a prospect. If he takes one step at a time from where he is now, he will be an old major league rookie at 25. At 21, you hope they are in high A.

    In Walker's case, he was a college guy drafted a year ago and starts older. Given his age and performance, the Twins probably should have moved him with Buxton. If he has a good first half in high A and moves to AA mid season next year, he will be on track. If he struggles in high A at 22, he probably isn't a good prospect.
  6. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I'm more concerned with him becoming a great MLB player. If he arrives at 25 and bas a great 10 year career - Beautiful. If a young prospect arrives at age 23 and struggles for a few years and then has a great career - Beautiful. The key is what do you do when you get there? Right now he is dominating at his current level. How many of you can rattle off the age of each MLB All Star when they began thier MLB careers. Guarrentee you will be off by 1 to 2 years on most. Point: No one cares about your age until you turn 30 in the MLB. What matters is production. And Adam Brett Walker is getting it done (Right Now)!!
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