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Peterson determined to Stay in the Big Leagues

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After spending a decade slogging his way round the Minor Leagues, Brock Peterson finally achieved his dream of recording a Major League hit during the St Louis Cardinals 11-3 victory against the Phillies.

The 29-year old, making just his second appearance in the majors, was handed his chance following injury to Matt Holliday. Peterson did his case for an extended run in the team by grabbing his first run for the franchise in a comfortable win against the Phillies, much to the delight of fans betting MLB World Series.

With bench player Ty Wigginton recently released, Peterson has an opportunity to stick with the team even when Matt Holliday returns from his spell on the 15-day disabled list, particularly because the Cardinals are unlikely to keep a third catcher, Rob Johnson, on the roster for much longer.

Regardless of what happens when Holliday returns, Peterson has made it clear to MLB betting pundits he is determined to keep taking his chances with the Cardinals for as long as they come, admitting there had been times when he had all but given up on ever making it to the majors.

"There's a lot of little work to do and a lot of accomplishments personally and with the team that are still in front of us. But it definitely feels a lot better to have a [batting] average,” admitted Peterson.

"Being in the Minors, watching all the other guys get their opportunity, it starts to wear on you. And they always come back excited and with a bunch of stories. Now I'm getting a taste, it definitely fuels the fire a little bit. Hopefully that is the start of a lot more.”
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  1. LimestoneBaggy's Avatar
    Nice write up. Good for Brock.
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