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Peanuts from Heaven

Wha' Happened #9 (GAME OF THE WEEK)

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Rather than continually reposting the same stuff here as on my other website--and since these recaps are often (week[s]) late--I'm going to trim down these posts to more manageable bite size single best game write ups I've got, and trust that if you want to read more you will find it at THIS WEBSITE!

Game 69
Twins 7 - White Sox 5
The Twins do not care for power hitting. It hurts the feelings of our opponents after all, and we can't have that.

But we're willing to make an exception for the White Sox.
Mauer the Great and Powerful
Said Chairman Joe Mauer of his two-run homer: "Ya know...all things are possible through the will of the Twinnesotan Proletariat and ya know umm....My power will continue to make Twinnesota the greatest, strongest most powerful nation the world has ummm...ya know...ever known."

Meanwhile, Ryan Doumit's game winning double was slammed to left center over the sounds of sweet smooth jazz and a beautiful sunset.

For more recaps, a ballpark food haiku and the return of one of our very first memes be sure to check out the PFH home page on blogger.

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