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Axel Kohagen

Trilogy of Error (Twins at Nationals -- Games 57-59)

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Twins at Nationals

A Small Amount of New Hope (Twins 4 Nationals 3 - Game 57)

Thanks to rain that wouldn’t go away, this Nationals series will be played in a space of barely over one day.

Condensing things makes this interleague series into a neat little three part trilogy. Like Star Wars or The Godfather.

Well, it will be for anyone in the Land of Lakes still sporting a TC on their hat, at least.

Tonight’s game had the underdog Twins playing the Nationals, a team that is actually good at playing baseball. Somehow, they won.

Actually, they won in extra innings with a mighty swing of Ryan Doumit’s back – and don’t THAT warm my spooky black heart.

Like Han Solo, a scruffy Glen Perkins defended Doumit’s heroism and the Twins got a win.

And I almost got through this recap without mentioning how sad it was to see pics of Span talking to Twins players, wearing a uniform with not enough blue on it.

The Nationals Strike Back (Twins 0 Nationals 7 - Game 58)

Noon did nothing to alleviate the London bleakness and Seattle rain the Twin Cities are incapable of shaking, and an hour later the Twins became yet another thing to feel bad about.

Like the middle of many trilogies, this tragedy was predicated on our heroes being disappointed and let down by one of their own.

Like Lando, Fredo, and even the helicopter guy in Dawn of the Dead, Scott Diamond is breaking good guy hearts right now.

33% of the disappointers I’ve mentioned turned it around to become heroes again. Scott seems like too good a guy to not be cheering for him to turn it around.

Because right now, putting him on the mound feels like putting paycheck after paycheck into a slot machine just because it paid out big the last time you went to the casino.

Never been a ballplayer, but I have to imagine the time between a double-header that crushed you and the next game is excruciating. You’re basically just bench-pressing your own disgust for a few hours.

Return of the Losing (Twins 4 Nationals 5 – Game 59)

For a minute there, it looked like the weekend trilogy of Twins games would end victoriously for hometown nine. They were up 4-2 after three innings and it felt like the stars were aligned for the Twins to slide through the remaining six innings with that kind of lead.

Trilogies tend to end in jubilation, so I set to introducing a friend to all that went down at Camp Crystal Lake and then trading red and green shells in Mario Kart.

When we checked back into the Twins game, we found we’d missed a rain delay. And the Nationals tied it up.

Later, my phone buzzed again and the update told me the Twins had lost.

If this year of Twins baseball has a writing staff, they aren’t following conventional rules. We’re supposed to be plucky and win two out of three here, if we’re going to achieve even the modest goal of break-evening. A trilogy is about daring to disturb the Universe.

Moreover, trilogies are about new life and new rules. These three games didn’t change diddily. A tweet from Aaron Gleeman shone harsh reality onto my daydreamed baseball stories – these Twins aren’t winning much more than last year’s broken, nearly 100-game losing incarnation.

And still, at the end of a hard game, people like me find some reason to believe.


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