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Axel Kohagen

Dancing in the Rain: Twins vs. Brewers (Games 49-50)

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Twins versus Brewers

The Coliseum Cheers (Game 49)

I tuned into the game just before Sam Deduno got enough outs to put himself in line for a win. Heís like dynamite: The Twins get the exact perfect ratio of balls to strikes from him or everything blows up in their face.

The radio was all about the solid defensive performance from the Twins, but all the signals beaming out of Target Field amped up to 11 for a foul ball Chris Parmelee snagged, battling fate and gravity the whole way.

A great moment, and it got better. Reaching for the ball was Parker ďOver the BaggyĒ Hageman. The TV camera caught his reaction, which a combination of animal howl and sheer childhood joy.

Moments later, screenshots of Parker filled my Twitter feed. And then the gifs came to play.

When the Twins win, the joy of victory spreads through the coliseum of revelers. It travels on wi-fi and through televisions.

Parker screamed for all of us. Three victories into recovering from life in the baseball wastelands, Iím more than happy to scream along with him.

Outside the Friend Zone (Game 50)

I missed most of this game while navigating a full schedule. I grabbed a few blissful moments of radio revelry as the Twins swatted home runs hither and tither with great abandon.

I didnít catch the part where they let the Brewers creep back in, and I donít think I care for that part.

Four wins in a row is pretty nice week, but my joy de baseball hasnít returned yet. Maybe theyíre just too far away from the Great Line of Break-Evening.

I got to spend some good time today with friends. It made me realize I canít even imagine befriending a baseball player, unless they were a worn down relief pitcher. Iím too old. Simply dreaming of wild baseball nights tires me out.


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