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Putting Sano's power in perspective

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Since 2006, 851 players have logged at least 200 PAs in the Florida State League (High A). This is a sample of players that includes guys like Giancarlo Stanton (age 19), Jay Bruce (20), JP Arencibia (22), Allen Craig (22), and Domonic Brown (21).

Another 746 have logged at least 200 PAs in the Eastern League (AA) since 2006. Players include Brandon Belt (22), Matt Wieters (22), Pedro Alvarez (22), Ike Davis (22), Kevin Kouzmanoff (24), Josh Reddick (22), Carlos Santana (23), Brennan Boesch (24), and Adam Lind (22).

Miguel Sano has logged 200 PAs in both leagues. He's also put up the single highest ISO since fangraphs started tracking these statistics in 2006. In both leagues. Here's a quick look at the top 50 performances, by ISO:

5 players posted .250 or better ISO seasons at age 20 or younger in the Florida State League. Of these, only Giancarlo Stanton went on to post a better ISO in AA as a 20 year old in the Southern League (although Javier Baez is holding a .352 ISO through 194 PAs, also in the Southern league).

As stated above the sample includes all players with a minimum of 200 PAs in either league. If a player hit a lot of gap triples and bloop doubles, ISO could be measuring speed more than power (ISO is Slg%-Avg, or total bases, not including 1st base, divided by ABs). In order to eliminate that possibility, we can just look at home run rate, expressed as AB/HR.

Sano ranks 2nd and 4th in home run rates (tops for the EL) since 2006. If you have been following Sano's year, this shouldn't be a surprise - he has 31 bombs after all.

So there you have it. Sano's 2013 ranks among the top power seasons in both the Eastern League and the Florida State League dating back to 2006, in just about any way you care to measure power. And he's done it at a younger age than anyone except Giancarlo Stanton.

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  1. Steve Lein's Avatar
    I looked at something similar a while back, only taking into account the history of Twins prospects in the FSL. Chris Parmelee hit 16 HR's for the Miracle in 2009 in 123 games. That was the most in the past 5 seasons by any Twins prospect.

    Sano hit 16 HR's in 56 games for the Miracle this year.

    Going back to 2005 the highest HR total of anyone in a full season with the Miracle came from Brock Peterson, with 21 in 2006.

    So yeah, he's ridonkulous as far as Twins, and in general, prospects go.
  2. Oxtung's Avatar
    Nice article!

    I wonder how that power has translated to the majors. I assume it transfers well but it would be interesting to have a more objective look if you're searching for another pet project.
  3. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    Sano gonna hit another 30 MiLb homers before he gets called up?
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