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The Unfortunate end of Oswaldo Arica

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All good things must come to a end. Oswaldo Arcia has been demoted back down to AAA today, after the one-hitter thrown by Anaibal Sanchez. During his a little over a months stay in the Major leagues, he hit .263 an OPS. Of .372 (4th best on the team might i add) along with 4 home runs and 14 RBIs. Much better then any other Twins rookie or second year player.

Yet he gets demoted back down to the minors only because the Twins are in desperate need of pitching. In which P.J. Walters will take his spot on the 25-man roster and will start sometime this weekend.

In my personal opinion Arica is deserving of a spot on the Major League roster. Obviously out performing players such as Dozier, Parmelee, Hicks and Florimon. Respectively I do understand that Arcia is a outfielder and some of the players mentioned above are infielders, I am simply making a statement for Arica to stay in the majors while suggesting to have Florimon demoted in order to bring Arcia back up and have Escobar take him over at short.

In summery, Arica should not only get back to the Majors soon but should stay there as well. Because if the past can tell us anything he will destroy AAA as he did in AA and high A. Leaving the Twins no choice but to promote him once again, in hopes of getting back to .500.

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  1. Rosterman's Avatar
    Service time, and playing regularly. The Twins NEED to see more of Parmelee, it seems, at the moment.
  2. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    I am starting to feel like we have seen enough of Parmelee, but a sub .600 OPS will make a fan cranky. Still pulling for the kid but he is running out of time.

    I have great faith in Arcia and think he will be a big part of the Twins future. There was a really fine article here by Parker on how the MLB pitchers were forcing him to change how he swings the bat. Great! Now they know what he has to work on.

    Get it done in AAA and get him back here.
  3. fairweather's Avatar
    Good grief he's not dead! He'll be back by July if not sooner.
  4. Top Gun's Avatar
    Rangers claimed OF Joe Benson off waivers from the Twins
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