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Is it wrong that most of the articles I completely skip nowadays and just go straight into commenting like I read the whole thing? No? Whew, that was a load off my shoulders. It must be hard for the regular bloggers to think of stuff (correction... baseball related stuff) to blog about. Usually when I feel the need for a blog it has nothing to do about baseball, not really anyway.

Its time for a revolution. We as members need to take over the blogs and articles section from current incumbents. Years of turmoil and oppression from the main page has beaten us down. We need to stand up. Blog about random dumb things as much as possible (please try to make sense though, I wont name names but somebody's blogs are pretty loony).

Why can't we read a blog about the under-armor boxer-brief mania that has been sweeping the Twins clubhouse? Or the new Axe body spray Aaron Hicks is using? Come on guys. Lets think outside the diamond (hehe, yeah I did that).
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    That certainly is the purpose of the Blogs page. Anyone and everyone can have one. You've got a ready-made audience here. Either give us some great ideas for topics/stories, or write them yourself! We'd be thrilled to add more writers!
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