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The Boys of Bummer

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You know something is going wrong when after watching the hometown boys get walked-off on, Don Henley’s song “Boys of Summer” starts repeating in your head.

I am positive that the inner workings of my mental mechanics has short circuited. I am an individual that holds a great amount of disdain for the music of the 1980’s (mainly pop). I believe I was around 10 years old when Mr. Henley’s aforementioned song hit the charts. I remember hearing it and feeling violated, uncomfortable, and ill to my stomach… the same feeling I felt when I first heard Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wing’s” or A-Ha’s “Take on Me”.

I pretty much hate everything that has anything to do with the 1980’s and that is not meant to be offensive to anyone else – That’s my wave, no one else has an obligation to surf it.

Watching the Twin’s play the last week and a half is having the same nauseous affect of the 1980’s experience on me. Everyone had an inclination that the starting pitching would falter at some point, sooner rather than later, and they officially have claimed that distinction, but it’s the damn offense that has fallen on its face.

Except for Mauer and maybe Morneau everything has gone wrong. The offense was suppose to bring some joy to the viewer in a season where joy would be hard to come by.

When 5 or more of your starting position players are hitting like pitchers, enjoyment of watching this team will be scarce. Home Runs, Doubles and Triples have become my Heroin… and man, I am fiending for a fix.

Parmelee! (our best defensive outfielder)

Get Your Shiznasty together and help make the 2013 Minnesota Twins an intriguing offense that loses a bunch of high scoring games instead of a team that loses 8-2 every night. In a season of low expectations mainly because of the pitching predicament – we as fans are owed this much.

Help me out here. I want to rid my mind of the song “Boys of Summer” and live in peace.

P.S. - R.I.P. Ray Manzarek
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  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Fun read. Thanks for sharing. But how DARE you besmirch Ah-Ha.
  2. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes
    Fun read. Thanks for sharing. But how DARE you besmirch Ah-Ha.
    If it is any consolation, Ah-Ha had the best song of the three I mentioned... and their video for "Take On Me" was totally RAD for that period of time.
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