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Axel Kohagen

I'm the Away Team - Orioles at Twins (Games 32-34)

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Orioles at Twins

A Damn Shame (Game 32)

These days, itís a lot easier to keep up with the Twins when youíre traveling.

This can be perilous, however.

For example, when the Twins blow a six run lead and you find out in the middle of a friendly conversation with your family. There are words and phrases that desperately need screaming, but politeness dictates you keep your mouth shut.

I settled on letting out a wordless scream. I think it did the trick.

Later, as we settled in to sleep for this night I listened to the team cough up the lead, and then a few more runs to boot. Behind a closed door I felt free to mutter the best swear words I knew.

Sure am glad I didnít miss this game because I was traveling, you guys.

Rolling the Right Way (Game 33)

Sneak peeks at my cell phone offered happier updates this time around.

This is incredibly fortunate, because I needed a distraction from the awful movie I rented for the family to watch as we finished out the evening. Iím sure we werenít the only family suffering through a comedy with way too much nudity and thrusting, but that doesnít make it any better.
A Twins game where the score grew and the team rolled toward inevitable victory added some good cheer.

Didnít see many TC symbols around the part of Iowa we grew up in. The updates and radio broadcasts felt like messages from the home front.

I oughta raise high the Twins Territory banners when I get home.

Fizzling Out Over The Plains (Game 34)

With the car loaded and our trip home begun, I smiled when I heard Cory Provusí voice on the AM radio.

Thereís something perfect about Sunday afternoons, wide open plains, and baseball on the AM radio. If you ever listened to a single game with a grandparent, you know theyíre right with you at that moment.

The mushy feelings didnít last long. Provus said the score, and the Orioles kept adding to their side of the equation. The warm and fuzzy AM radio became harder to hear, and 5-0 sounded like a great place to bail on this particular game.

Fortunately, Rammstein and AC/DC are made for long drives across the Midwest, too.


  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    And Rammstein seems like an appropriate post-game Twins loss soundtrack.
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