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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Spring in Northern MN, Spring Training, NCAA Tourney and Las Vegas.

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It's my blog and I can talk about what I want to, which is great and I hope people enjoy the fun I am going to have this year writing everyday things. I just returned from Las Vegas, spending a great time betting on NCAA basketball, (which went horribly bad), and doing a lot of drinking w/ my really good friends. First stop was Fremont, of course this is my favorite place to go because of the type of people and shenanigans you run into, and quite frankly it is less expensive to do things. We had quite a group out, and one shot leads to another shot, and we end up going to a club above the Golden Nuggett, yep, that is what we chose, I don't remember what it was called, I knew it cost $10 to get it, and it turned into dancing and getting drunk and not caring about anything for about 4 hours, don't remember how I got home, just know i GOT THERE. 3 days of watching basketball and drinking, and ripping on my friends, and friends animals was as fun as you can have, didn't even go the strip, ( I lived there for 3 years, and visit every other year) I love March Madness, this year was the first year w/o Gus Johnson and WE NEED HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to tell you I absolutely love Gus Johnson, for him to not be in the tournament is an absolute joke. Seriously the games were not really that exciting besides a couple, and of course my Dukies had to go out of the tourney, along with that I had Missouri in the final game, so my bracket got severely busted. This isn't even to mention that I lost almost every game I bet on for the first two days, Thank God for friends and booze.

As I was in Vegas, where the weather was about 65 degrees, it was between 70 and 81 in Duluth, MN!!! Winters are long in the northland, and this time of year kicks ass, weather is nice, baseball is in the air, basketball and hockey are getting close to the playoffs, and of course the NCAA tournament. I love fishing, golfing, and anything in the outdoor sun especially in the summer. I can't wait now for opener of Twins baseball, and opener of fishing. The weather and the amount of sports brings everyone in a good mood!

Since it is a Twins blog, I should talk a little about the Twins. Spring training doesn't do much for me except bring the excitement for the year. Obviously right now it comes down to whether Morneau can be healthy and the starting pitching is consistent. SI picked the Twins to end up 4th in the division, so every major sports writer has the Twins 4th or last this year, I really want this year to be better, I want at least a run. C'Mon Twins!!!!! At this point all we can do is watch and speculate, Pavano's start today didn't go very well, again, not sure what to think about the veterans in spring training. All I can say right now is Go Kansas, and go Gophers!!!
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