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Just throwing the stats out there, no analysis or deep reaching comments, yet! I may delve deeper into these as the season wears on, but for now I figured I would just post them and let the commentors read into and say what they want about them.

My first thoughts are that even though the offense and starting pitching have room for major improvements, the team is doing quite well and should not give up this season as no one is running away with the division yet. However, if they need to keep relying on the bullpen they will run into major trouble. Willingham, Dozier, Hicks, Parmalee, Plouffe and Doumit have provided almost zero help so far, but Arcia, Escobar and Florimon have been pleasant surprises.

Look at the stats, form your own opinions, state your own comments, etc...

Good luck Twins!
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