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Axel Kohagen

Twins/Indians (Games 25-27)

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Twins at Cleveland

Except Tonight (Game 25)

For me, skipping the 10th inning of an extra innings game is like skipping the opener of a rock concert. You usually don’t miss much.

Except tonight, when the Twins crapped out in extra inning (singular).

Because I am a fan of the heart and not of the head, I assume the Twins will win all games where the score stays close. And when a home run comes flying out of the Magical Land of Parmelee, the Twins just have to win.

Except tonight, when the Twins didn’t.

I assume the Twins will find a way to win a game that keeps them from going below .500. The sun shines brighter when the Twins are in the Magical Land of Break-Eveners.

Except today, when it snowed again and the Twins didn’t.

I don’t want to be a winner. I want to gladly settle on being a Break-Evener.

The Hicks, The Mauer, and the Pelfrey (Game 26)

Twins drop two in the first and never get back up again.

They found a way to get three runners across home plate, which helps a little.

Aaron Hicks hit his first home run. It seems like that story is moving closer to a happy ending every day. The story of Mauer having difficulties at the plate continues to chill my blood.

Correia came up clunky and empty, and he was due for one. This was a baseball game to wipe clean his slate of great starts. What’ll we start over with?

As a devout Break-Evener, I’ll settle for third starter material with the occasional bad game. Especially looking down the barrel of Pelfrey tomorrow.

Giant Liar (Game 27)

My hopeful demeanor about Twins games, back on Friday, is a giant load of crap. The Twins earned an early lead in this game and my gut roiled waiting for them to cough it up and get swept up by Cleveland brooms.

The TC caps made me liar. I’m especially humbled by Mike Pelfrey, who owned the mound and turned in a heckuva performance.

I monitored this game on Twitter, where home runs are announced by tweet after tweet of name-related puns.

Trevor Plouffe’s name is a punster’s dream.

I wonder how many home runs Plouffe has to hit before he’s no longer the official Bad Boy of the Twins. He needs out of that doghouse, and fast.

The Twins don’t tolerate Bad Boys very well. Maybe that’s what draws me to them.

“You just don’t understand him!” I plan to scream to Gardy after Plouffe’s play in the field raises his anger. “You just never gave him a chance.”


  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I love these personal reflections you do. Thank you.
  2. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    Thank you for the comment. I just like having a chance to explore the season as I experience it, in bits and pieces.
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