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Friday Links-N-Thinks

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Tragedy struck Boston on Monday with the horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon.

A very visible sporting event was attacked and this story hit home with a lot of us. It can be frightening to think about attacks happening at big events but people are resilient. There were numerous positive stories coming out of the tragedy. A former New England Patriots lineman carried a woman to safety and there were plenty of other stories like this.

Many teams around the world of baseball paid tribute to Boston in a similar fashion. The song "Sweet Caroline" has become synonymous with Red Sox games. Most teams saw it fitting to play this song during a break in the action; even the rival Yankees stood united in support of Boston. Here are the fans at Target Field singing "Sweet Caroline."

Baseball continued to go on this week and there were some great stories from across the web. Have a safe weekend and give someone you love a call.

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  2. Sandlot
  3. Major League
  4. A League Of Their Own
  5. Field of Dreams

My Weekly Rundown:

Video of the Week: It is hard for Ben Revere to amaze after some of the plays he made in a Twins uniform. This catch from earlier this week might still leave you with your mouth open. He misplays the ball a little at the beginning and has to make up for it at the end with a Superman like jump. It was a very cool play by a good defense center fielder.


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