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Axel Kohagen

Game 12 - God Bless the Rules.

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I'm happy the Twins won 8-2 over the Angels on a cold and snowy night. I'm even happy Brendan Harris got a home run for the Angels. I always had a soft spot for him when he was a Twin, even if he did find himself on the losing end of an on-field squirrel attack.

Mostly, I'm thankful that tonight there was a patch of my fair city where people gathered together to watch an ordered, fair, and safe contest. More people watched the event on their televisions, and other (like me) listened on the radio.

When the game was over, I know who won and who lost. I can piece together reasons why. I'm glad for all the players who take pride in what they do, and the officials and team employees who keep the game on the field a place where life makes sense.

We pay billions of dollars to keep the sporting world safe from the muddiness of reality, where rules and hearts get broken.

Today, in Boston, the safety of 26.2, breath control, and stamina was violated by some brand of horrible real-world business. Upsetting to everything we hold dear.

Thank God that, at night, 3 strikes is an out and three outs half a inning and a lead after nine innings is a victory. My head fits nicely around these numbers. I can analyze them with people in stadiums, in bars, in living rooms, or on social media. I can keep conversations going and keep from being isolated, lonely, or scared.

A baseball cap and a smile gets you a conversation on any street in this country.

So thanks to all of those who keep these important games played and played right. Thoughts and prayers to those who are hurting.

And get some sleep, because tomorrow we play ball again.

- Axel


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