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Axel Kohagen

Game 11 - Monroeville Mall Field.

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Zombies have already been mentioned twice on my Twins 2013 game-by-game blog. This should not surprise anyone. I mean, I'm not Mr. Cowboypants.

And I guess it's not surprising the Minnesota Twins had me thinking about zombies again, although not in the same way as the last few times.

The Mets' Matt Harvey took a no hitter into the seventh inning. He's a heckuva picture -- Aaron Gleeman's giddy obsession with the hurler reached photoshopping levels during the game.

That said, the Twins are the kind of team who will be fending off no-hitters more than once this season.

When you're a resource-depleted team lost within its own rebuilding process, you sometimes have to hole up and fight off worse indignities than simply being a below average team. Indignities like being no-hit, or getting beaten by more than ten runs, or being held scoreless.

With my mind being what it is, it's hard not to picture Twins Territory barricading doors and windows as the possibility of one of these shameful moments comes lumbering back from the dead.

Since it's only the eleventh game of a long season, it's time to stock up on whatever you need to get you through those games where baseball shame is tearing the game apart like a zombie horde on the prowl. Someday, the attacks will stop and the Twins will rule the Midwest again.

Until then, hide out in your basement when the games go bad and don't trust Cubs fans. They always leave the doors open for more zombies to come in. It's all they know.



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