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A Really Bad Week

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Since the Twins won last Sunday to go 4-2, they have lost five consecutive games and fallen to the basement of the AL Central. More to the point, they now have one of the worst run differentials in the AL and their offensive, defensive, and pitching stats are among the worst, as well.

There haven't been many positive surprises and there have been disappointments throughout the roster. The #1 disappointment has to be Aaron Hicks, hitting a microscopic .057 with an OPS of .155. Vanimal has had three starts--one satisfactory, one substandard and one dreadful. Florimon has hit a little, but has been poor in the field, being charged with three errors and he should have been charged with one or two more, plus Morneau has saved him a couple more throwing errors. Liam Hendriks hasn't gotten over the hump and was demoted, Pelfrey had one poor start and Twins' lefthanded relievers have yielded two grand slams.

The weather has been miserable for the Twins, with little hope for great improvement there for the next week or so. I doubt that there will be many sellouts for the rest of the season.

It looks to me like a lot of changes are on the horizon. There is a full 40-man roster with several players not on the roster in line to be recalled--Colabello, Walters, Deduno, Perez, and Harden and perhaps an outfielder--while there is a lineup of pitchers to be tried in the rotation. I predict that Wilken Ramirez will be DFAed within a month, probably Pedro Florimon, as well. The starting rotation should remain unsettled with several equivalent hurlers trying to nail down a spot. Continuing losses likely will mean trades of players who are over 30 and have trade value, but probably not until close to the trading deadline.

The Twins' two top farm teams have also been effected by weather, and also aren't winning much with exceptions being Colabello and Arcia at Rochester, and not much encouraging pitching at the top levels. The two A-league teams look stacked. There are a lot of prospects and so far a lot of winning has happened in Cedar Rapids and Fort Myers. It is still very early, but the signs aren't good. Maybe some wins and warmer weather will make the situation look less dire.


  1. Old Twins Cap's Avatar
    The Twins look terrible right now. The only good thing is that it is early. The Angels look bad right now, so take it with a grain of salt. However, at some point, after two years of misery and now the beginning of a third year, there has to be some accountability. Why Gardenhire gets a free pass in all this is beyond me. He reams Hicks for not hustling out a pop-fly that he gets to second on. But, the day before, he lets Correia blow a winnable game because, well, it's His game to lose, not the team's. I don't get it. When a team plays like this, you usually hold the manager accountable. But, for whatever reason, in Minnesota, it's everybody else's fault, not Gardy's. It ain't working out. Gardy is not a bad guy, probably not even a bad manager. But there comes a time when a new face, a new approach makes a big difference. That time is now.
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