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Axel Kohagen

Game 9 - Zombies.

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Another bland game, suffered through on a Minnesota night where the only thing worse than the grey ugliness in the sky is the twenty feet of snow coming next. The Twins didn't plate a run in a game. 11 strikes outs. Swept by the Royals. I sincerely hope we can bury this game under the snow and forget it.

Earlier in my day, I enjoyed the Rue Morgue Podcast. Horror expert Andrea Subissati mentioned a Wade Davis, the ethnobiologist whose work regarding voodoo and zombies was the direct inspiration for the film The Serpent and the Rainbow. Later in the evening, another Wade Davis stood on a mound and watched zombies in red and blue come out of the visiting team's dugout.

Maybe I'm just being moody, but I wonder how much more we'd have to pay for tickets to stop advertisers from sponsoring every event and nuance of a baseball game. If it's less than a buck I say we seriously considering ponying up the dough.

If you weren't listening to the radio, you missed a very severe judgement of Parmalee's bunt. Provus and Gladden did not approve. The next step would have been to get a grandpa on the phone lines to say he wasn't mad at Parmalee, he was just disappointed.

-- Axel


  1. Blake's Avatar
    I thought Mauer mailed it in last night. Perhaps the whole series. I'm starting to wonder if Mauer is butting heads with Brunansky and is perhaps disgruntled over Joe Vavra being replaced.
  2. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Blake: he hit a double in the ninth. Why do you think he wasn't exerting full effort?
  3. Blake's Avatar
    Yeah, a double, with two outs in the ninth. Color me unimpressed. (I've never been down on Mauer, until these last few games) Too many chances to drive in runs and too many strikeouts.
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