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Scott Povolny

Territory Train: Dining with the Developing

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So when does the good part happen?

There may be fans who have lost their faith in the Minnesota Twins over the last two seasons. But, as many of the Twins Daily contributors have pointed out over the last several months, there's plenty sunshine that's just over the horizon for this organization.

While it may be a couple years before you can witness that selection of talent at Target Field, the prospect horizon line is physically closer than you think. Like, Iowa-close. I'm talkin' about a little place called Cedar Rapids.

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If you didn't catch all of the organizational transactions and rotations you may have missed it, but the Twins switched their low-A ball affiliation from the Beloit Snappers to the Cedar Rapids Kernels franchise this past winter.

Personally, I'm quick to support the Minnesota Twins of today, but the future that Cedar Rapids and the rest of the farm system beholds is just as sweet, if not sweeter. Considering the last couple of drafts and recent prospect-laden trades, the Twins front office has been quick to refill the organization with widely acclaimed young talent.

Knowing how much of the talent is being groomed in Cedar Rapids -- a mere 4 hours south of the Twin Cities -- many of you are looking for the perfect weekend to make a special visit with the club.

Look no further.

The Territory Train has got ya covered this summer with an exclusive opportunity to experience Kernel baseball Saturday June 29th & Sunday June 30th.

If you're not familiar with the Train, hop on over to our website and take a virtual tour of our minor league weekend tours. We combine coach bus transportation, game tickets, hotel lodging, and pre-game parties, all for one reasonable price. This trip is a unique opportunity in that we will be dining with several Kernel players, and hitting coach (and former-Twin) Tommy Watkins for lunch on Saturday afternoon.

A full itinerary of the trip can be found here. But here's why you're really joining us in late June:

* Because you know your way around a stadium buffet. Sunday's pre-game party is all-you-can eat hot dogs, burgers, pop, & beer (and more).

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Tommy Watkins & Seth Stohs, lunching.

* Because Tommy Watkins & selecet Kernel players want to eat lunch with you Saturday afternoon. Take a big bite out of your burger; ask Tommy the best way to break out of a slump.

* Because you want to add another stadium tour to your list. We'll get a guided look at the ins and outs of Perfect Game Field by an expert on Saturday after lunch.

* Because you've always wanted to spend a weekend vacation with the charismatic, elite prospect-minded, SETH STOHS.

* Because Byron Buxton.

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The venerable and quick witted Kernel, Tim Shibuya.

* Because the players at our luncheon are exceptionally affable and candid, and love talking about baseball just as much as you do.

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* Because it's much easier to get closer to the action in the minors.
The crack of the bat echoes just a bit differently.

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* Because the commute is simple: we do the driving; you bring the cooler full of all your favorite cold ones and relax. We got this.

We take all the heavy lifting out of the weekend itinerary and let you and your party enjoy the weekend's unique events without any worries.

As mentioned, Seth will be joining us, who many of you have had the opportunity of meeting. But each and every trip we've guided is full of folks just like Seth -- it's a highly positive, social community aboard the Train.

So join the squad, and show your support for the organization this summer from top to bottom; Perfect Game Field to Target Field. Territory Train makes it easy and enjoyable.

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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I can vouch for the great job that the Territory Train does. Scott's a huge Twins fan, and he really takes care of everything. It's a fun bus ride. I've been on Territory Train trips to Detroit and last year's Prospect Tour (to Quad Cities and Beloit) and it's just a great opportunity. I've said before, it's something where a lot of individuals or small groups get on a bus in the cities, but by the time you get back, you have a big group. It's worth it, so take a look at his link and consider it.
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