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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Wow Josh Roenicke

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It was another fun Minnesota Twins game to watch!! You had everything from both teams, and it just so happens the big blunder was made on the opposing team. I am not going to make this long by any means as we all watched the game, but I did want to point out some observations that I am a bit worrisome about, and some observations that I am excited about.

1. Josh Roenicke was fricken awesome!! He was in control every batter for 3 innings. He looked like he was a machine, same delivery, same set up to the hitters, got ahead in counts. He was very good out there, and I really enjoyed watching him keep the Twins in the game. Very nice job Josh Roenicke!!

2. Justin Morneau is still taking very good at bats, and of course he did miss a meatball curve ball that he was sitting there waiting for. He went 3-5, and if he would have connected on that meatball, the game would have been in a different place. He is way more confident and is just seeing the ball very well.

3. Why did Carroll hit for Florimon? I believe that is what happened, Florimon had no right to be taken out of the game for Carroll, correct me if I am wrong on this, but I thought that is what I saw.

4. Dozier went right back to his bad place trying to pull fastballs that he can't connect with, he swung at bad pitches, I hope that is was just a tough day out there, we need Dozier this year.

5. Joe Mauer, I really believe the umpire got to him. I think he swung at 2 first pitches in the game, I know of one for sure that was at his eyes. He looked bad out there except when a meatball 3-2 pitch went for a base hit. Looked like in a few at bats he was swinging for the fences, in those swings he was behind in the count, very odd AB's for Mauer in the game.

6. Aaron Hicks I believe is batting .042 for the season now. Oh, and 1 caught stealing. I know you can't be too hard on him after 5 games, but where is his eye at. He is getting behind in counts and the pitchers are just eating him up. I think he has a couple games left in that spot, who do you put there if it doesn't work. I know my choices, Joe Mauer or Trevor Plouffe, yep I said it. Hell Detroit is throwing Hunter in the 2 spot in the lineup. You roll with Plouffe, Mauer, Willingham, Morneau, Doumit, Parmalee, Hicks, Dozier, Florimon. I know the ordinary 1 man is a basehit OB guy, we don't have an OB guy in the lineup, go against what it sometimes. I would give it a shot, it would look interesting that first inning every time.

7. C'mon Twins win 2 series in a row, that would be exciting!!
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  1. Rosterman's Avatar
    Looking at the bigger picture, Mauer is a #3 hitter, assuming someone gets on base before him. It will help him to have those additional pitches to look at. Hicks is a mess. He will need to go down and just work his tail off. Question is...do the Twins promote Benson for the heck of it and start Mastro more often than not. They are giving Hicks a pretty good leash. The Twins could probably do without Carroll if someone would take him...bring up a 3B/UT guy with a bit more bench punch. Now, Butera making $700,000 looks really bad. I also feel for DeVries and Deduno, both who came up lame and may have missed the one big opportunity to shine. Both fell in the pecking order. Of course, Hendriks isn't showing improvement and we have yet to see Hernandez. So, who knows.
  2. fairweather's Avatar
    Mauer isn't a #3 hitter. #3 hitters have power. Roenicke is no surprise to me. Parmalee has had the best and most consistently good AB's in the 2 games in Baltimore. I heard a lot of negative comments about his play against Detroit but I'm not hearing any praise for his awesomeness the last 2 games.
  3. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I was one of the people not happy with Parmelees ab's in Detroit, he was up in big spots and didn't produce. I said it then, and now, I like Parmelee, I was just frustrated at the way he approached the AB's, he hit a big HR vs Baltimore, he had a good game, I myself just need to be patient with the ups and downs of Parm. I would give him the longest leash of anybody. Hendriks is probably going to have the shortest leash due to the fact he had plenty of shots last year, and Deduno and DeVries earned there way to the rotation.
  4. Physics Guy's Avatar
    With Mastro being limited right now, Hicks stays in the 1 spot for awhile. If he continues to struggle in a week or two, Mastro probably gets a chance.
  5. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'm fairly optimistic about Dozier this year. I hope this was just a bad day.
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