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Axel Kohagen

Twins In Stereo.

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The Twins take the field tomorrow for the first time in 2013's regular season. It'd be an awful lot easier to find some hope for the year if the snow wasn't so stubborn in getting off of my lawn.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to record my impression of every Twins baseball game on this, my TwinsDaily blog. I'm taking a page from Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan, who documented a Red Sox season in their book Faithful.

Red Sox won the World Series when they wrote that book. I'm not holding my breath.

This blog isn't going to be filled with insider information. We've canceled the cable at our house and I work a lot of evenings.

I cheer for the Twins on the radio and through the Internet. I can't separate the way the home town 9 are playing from the way the city is living. Hopefully, these 162 blog entries will tell a tale of a Twins Cities summer on and off the diamond.

Side note: When did it become so damned hard to watch a baseball game on my TV?

If you're interested in keeping up, I'm tagging each entry #TwinsinStereo (since I'm listening to the games on the radio of course). Follow along.



  1. Thrylos's Avatar
    Great stuff! Keep them coming :)
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