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Axel Kohagen

Game 2 - These Things Happen.

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I missed most of this game. I got into my car in time to hear Glen Perkins get all Mama Said Knock You Out on the top half of the ninth. My hopes went up, and Plouffe got on base right as I parked my car.

By the time I got inside and let the dog out, the Twins won on a walk-off double from Eduardo Escobar. I thought about tuning into the game for the post-game celebration but, when you miss the moment, you miss the moment.

From what I heard of the game, music at Target Field sounds like someone put a mic by a cell phone left in the hands of an 8 year old. Can anyone confirm this is true?

When you don't get to see the games - or even hear all of them - Twitter is where you go for your post game celebration. Everyone has to mention it's been a long time since the Twins have been at .500. Then we dissect Roy Smalley's hair, which is an activity that happens far more regularly.

Wish I could've been there to sing "Mother" when Ryan Doumit walked up today. It's his birthday, and I like to think he would appreciate that.

Now that the Twins have won one game, I'm convinced they can make the playoffs if they just try hard enough. At least I know enough to be embarrassed of myself.

- Axel


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