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As I sit here getting myself ready to celebrate Easter, thinking of miracles (Easter is, of course, a time to celebrate the central miracle of my faith), I find my mind turning to the upcoming MLB season. What miracles can we hope to see this year? What dreams do we have for the coming season? What needs to happen for us, at the end of the year, to know that something wonderful and unexpected has happened? Here are the miracles Im hoping for this year:

The miracle of Mauer and Morneau returning to their form of a few years ago, anchoring a lineup supplemented by Willingham, Parmelee, Plouffe (who does NOT have a sophomore slump), Doumit and Hicks (who surprises everybody and is a ROY candidate).

The miracle of a rotation with a sub-4.50 ERA and starters who can regularly take the game into the seventh inning (and occasionally the eighth). Anybody remember that complete game Walters pitched last season? Thank you, sir, may I have another?

The miracle of a middle infield that routinely makes the routine plays and which makes "pitch to contact" not necessarily a thing to be feared (a little help with the bats wouldn't hurt either).

The miracle of a bullpen that is tried and true so that when the door to center field opens we can be filled with optimism and hope rather than fear and trembling.

The miracle of health as the inevitable injuries are mild in comparison to other teams, allowing us the luxury of putting our best team on the field more often than not, eliminating the need to bring players up from Rochester who are not ready or able to contribute.

The miracle of a coaching staff that knows how to teach, and of players who are willing to learn, fundamental baseball, throwing to the correct cutoff and knowing when to try to take the extra base.

The miracle of a Twins community that gathers around and supports the players (whether they agree with the acquisition or not) rather than cutting them down, and that is more concerned with looking for the bright spots than finding reasons to be bitter and resentful.

And most of all, the miracle that, whatever happens, whatever position we finish in, we can look back in October at the season just passed, with a smile on our face, and say, Wow, what a ride! and then go into the offseason having thoroughly enjoyed another year of Twins baseball.

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  1. BigSkyTwinsFan's Avatar
    Amen to that! Happy Easter.
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