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Fixing this mess

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We are in the middle of an 8-game losing streak which has seen the Twins outscored 51-22 and completely inept at times. The starting rotation is in shambles and managed to make it through just 29.1 innings in these games with only 2 starts getting past the 5th inning. Needless to say, the offense hasn't been much better. A bad starting rotation and an anemic offense amount to losing games in bunches.

How do we fix it? Luckily for the 3 people that read this,I know all the right answers. Paying for a legit starting pitcher 6 months ago would have helped. Fortunately, there is a little light in the tunnel for the Twins. I'm not sure if now is the right time to make big moves like the ones I'll be advocating, but at some point it might be necessary. I'm just going to talk about 3 guys that could come up and provide quality starts. One of them, Gibson, is likely to be on his way to Minnesota already with Worley being sent down. Mostly, the rotation needs help and Terry Ryan should be under a lot of heat for not properly addressing it in the offseason.

First, I'm baffled by the Twins expectations and inconsistencies in their player handling. Hendriks (not one of the 3 since he is hurt) started the year a few "meh" starts, the second seemingly better than the first. Yet was sent down after 2 average starts while Worley was allowed to be the worst starting pitcher in the MLB for 10 starts. Currently, he has a 1.004 OPS against, that is combined, not just against Miguel Cabrera. Anyway, the 3 I'm talking about are Gibson, Albers and Meyer. Deduno, however, is not part of my list, and will most likely show why in his brief (my prediction) time with the Twins this year.

Gibson is most likely to make his appearance soon. I wanted consistency from him before going to the MLB, but he is going to be up for good at some point and his complete game shutout in his last start is enough evidence to me he is ready. Need I say more?

The next choice is Albers. Albers hasn't had a look in the MLB yet, but is putting together a nice season. A TJ surgery victim in 2009, he has missed some of his prime development time. While I don't think Albers is a saving grace, I do think he could put together respectable starts. This season's statistics might be a little skewed by sample size though, since he is striking out batters much better than ever before. Mainly, he doesn't walk people (averages 1.8 BB/9 through the minors) and has been great at not giving up HR's (averages .4 HR/9). Combined with being a lefty on a staff dominated by righties and he might have some success.

Next is Meyer. He should be up after super-2 status is past. Reasoning? Because he has ****ing talent you dimwaud. He would instantly be the best pitcher in the rotation, and most likely to get the best results. Going forward if the Twins take their time with their best prospects they are going to lose fans. Nobody wants to go see a scrub rotation give up 8 or 9 runs and not get through the 5th inning. Keep this up and the bullpen is going to break down and the Twins would be in a world of hurt if Perkins or Burton get hurt. Meyer will be competing for a spot in the 2014 rotation, and if he doesn't make it out of spring it wont be long until he forces his way in. Again, because he has ****ing talent, the thing that Terry Ryan and co. have neglected to draft or trade for in almost 10 years (slight exaggeration). This opinion might be premature on Meyer since his results haven't been sparkling, but I think he will start building a case quickly.

How do you get these 3 in the rotation? Worley is already down and Gibson up, so one down. When Deduno fails (which he will), Albers is then primed for a call-up. He has to be added to the 40-man so pass Butera through waivers. A no-hit catcher that is on the DL shouldn't have much problem passing. Around the deadline when it is obvious this team is going nowhere and someone is traded you can then add Meyer and put him in the rotation. This rotation wont magically make a run in August, but it will be much more interesting and easier to watch than the current version.

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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    First, "views" does not equal "reads" does it? I have often wondered what percentage of "viewers" ended up being readers.

    Also, I like your idea, though I am not sure about Meyer. I liked Albers when the Twins first signed him and he has really produced.
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