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Hollering Into The Void

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Thanks for the support. I sometimes wonder if I'm hollering weird photoshops and awkward puns into the void. ..."

I remember that terrible feeling. Only I really was hollering into the void.

A few days ago, I dropped a note to one of our bloggers on Twins Daily, telling them that I enjoyed their latest entry and planned to promote it. Their response is above, and it reminded me of my first seven months of blogging back in 2002. I'd spend an hour or two writing every night. And every day I'd look and find at most 15-20 people were reading me.

I also remember that once Brad Zellar, an oustanding local professional writer found me and dropped me a not telling me how good he thought one of my entries was. It meant a lot to me then, but looking back, I wonder if it didn't mean everything. It might well have been the difference between stopping or writing.

It was the second time this week I've been reminded of that. The first time was yesterday when I read an outstanding short entry by internet marketing guru Seth Godin:

"The cost of setting up a lemonade stand (or whatever metaphorical equivalent you dream up) is almost 100% internal. Until you confront the fear and discomfort of being in the world and saying, "here, I made this," it's impossible to understand anything at all about what it means to be a entrepreneur. Or an artist."

Or a blogger. This is why I love bloggers.

It's also why I have so little patience any more for media who take shots at bloggers. Yes, they're also putting themselves out into the world. But it's one thing to publish when you know you're being read (and paid). It's another to publish in the face of the monster of the void. I love people who have stared down that demon.

Blogging is an act of faith, and there are few things I find more beautiful than an act of faith. (Posting on a message board the first time can be one too.) If you recognize that or feel the same way, I'd encourage you to reward those writers you think deserve that recognition with a comment or message. I also hope you'll think twice before discouraging someone brave enough to confront that fear and discomfort.

Twins Daily will continue to try and do what it can, too. If you're an independent blogger and want to let the world know you're there, please consider posting a link in our forums of any store of which you are especially proud. Hundreds of people read those links and people will find you. We want people to find you. Just remind us where you are.

Or you can blog on our site, too. We set you up one when you registered. Just go to the Blogs page and look for a line in the upper right to "My Blog." If you're willing to try hollering at the void, know that we promote quality entries to the front page, where thousands of people will read it.

That also is true for existing bloggers that want to republish a story from their site. We'll only promote full stories, but include as many teasers back to your blog as you like. We want people to find you.

This is as much of the mission of Twins Daily as it is to provide independent quality Twins coverage. It is no fun hollering at the void.

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