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Our needs in the draft

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I constantly ask myself what does our organization need to differently in the draft to become dangerous in October. Well, in my opinion, we need to draft three types of players.

Player type 1:

No contact power starting pitchers. The Twins have proven that a staff completely made of "pitch to contact pitchers" will get you to the first round of the playoffs and then lose badly. The Twins need to have a slight change in philosophy regarding their pitching staff. Draft strikeout pitchers- exclusively. We have enough guys who throw in the low 90's and are control type pitchers. Our entire farm system is littered with them. Spend 15 rounds drafting guys who make batters miss the ball. I guarantee you that teams who constantly advance in the playoffs have more than 3 guys on their staff who can strike you out.

Player type 2:

Gap power hitters. In the two years that Target Field has been in existence we have learned a few things. Hitters who can hit the gaps will have a great year in Target Field and hitters who don't will fail miserably. Draft guys with some bat control and who can place theirn hits at will and the team's runs will sky rocket. The answer is not drafting guys with huge power potential, the answer is simply draft guys who hit a ton of doubles.

Player type 3:

Big time college programs. The Twins need to bolster their farm system in the following levels- AA and AAA. We cannot possibly do that by drafting high school kids. I am not saying that we should never draft high school kids but maybe take a year or two off and draft kids from big time college programs who have faced serious talent on a daily basis and who are a little more ready to contribute. If you remember when we drafted Todd Walker, he came out of college and was immediately ready to contribute. That is exactly what type of player the Twins need to focus on in the next year or two.

Of course all of this easier said than done but the Twins need to start thinking a little outside of the box.
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