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The Twins Academy

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Venezuela has produced a number of good ballplayers over the years, some even for the Twins. What has our academy produced in the last 10 years? Can't think of anything? Neither can I, and that my friends is the problem. Where is the pipeline of talent? Why is it that the Yankees always have prospects to trade for established stars? Because they pour money into their international signings and develop players abroad. The Twins have an Academy where pretty much no other team does and yet I can't name one player to come from there.

So here is my solution to the whole shebang....

Think of the Academy as a minor league team. Send the low level prospects there.... Send top notch coaching therre.... Send American players there.... If the Twins want a certain type of player, a certain style of play than coach the kids in the Academy to play that way. Actively recruit and sign Venezuelan players, south american players and Central American players. Make the Minnesota Twins the "home" team in Venezuela.
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    The Twins had a Venezuelan academy and a team in the Venezuelan Summer League up until about 4-5 years ago when the civil unrest made it far too dangerous. The VSL is down to 4-5 teams now for that very reason. It's far too dangerous to send players to Venezuela. The Pirates, Mariners, Rays, Reds, Phillies and Tigers had teams there in 2011, and I know that recently one more got out of there.

    They've done alright in Venezuela. They signed Ramos. They signed Arcia. There are quite a few players that the Twins have still managed to sign from VZ. The Twins have been very active in the Dominican since giving Sano $3.15M in 2009. They have signed Jorge Polanco, Javier Pimentel, and 3-4 of the top pitching prospects from Central America the last several years. They signed the top player from Panama last year.
  2. jlovren's Avatar
    Well that seems to answer my question of how come I never hear anything from Venezuela anymore. I stand corrected on the level of activity. I do however think we are missing a gold mine with latin players.... Open a new academy in the Dominican, Panama or Columbia.
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