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5 Reasons to Watch the Twins

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5. The M&M boys
Mauer and morneau have been in the twins organization for over the past decade, and have been the face of the Twins for the past 6-7 years. They have combined for 2 MVPs, 6 sliver sluggers, and 9 all star appearance. It now seems that both of them are back to full health and their old selves. With morneau in the last year of his contract, you don't know how much longer he will be in a twins uniform. Especially sense all he wants to do is win now a days, which as we know has been a struggle for the twins these past couple of seasons.

4. The P&P boy
AKA Parmalee and Plouffe. This is what we will hopefully be saying for the next couple of seasons, as both are coming off breakout years. Plouffe who hit 24 home runs, which was the most he has ever hit in his entire MLB career. And who at one point was one of the hottest players in baseball. Parmalee on the other hand did struggle at the beginning of the season, but when he was demoted back to AAA he hit .338 with 17 hrs. Which the best season any twins prospect has had in the minors.

3.Terry Ryan's new pitching staff
This new staff is defiantly a surprise for many people, and at the least could surprise many people or live up to there low expectations. Mike pelfrey seems to have the most upside in this new rotation. He may be coming off of tommy John surgery. But that was 11 months ago, the recommended time for recovery is a full year. When the season starts he should be at full health and seems to be now ( he is scheduled to pitch this Tuesday against the blue jays). Vance Worley is by far the best pick up for twins from this past offseason. After having having elbow surgery last August he should hopefully have no setbacks this year and should be improved this year as compared to last year. And Kevin corriea who could barely survive as a starter in the national league is now a starter for the twins....in the American League.....with the DH. In fact he was moved to the bullpen last year because of inconsistency. I think he the same thing could happen here, if Hendricks and Gibson give Gardy a good reason for them to be in the rotation.

2.The Lineup
This lineup is posed to produce a boatload of runs with mauer, willingham, and morneau at the core of it. The only question that lays is the 1 and 2 spots in the lineup. Wether it will be mastronanni and dozier/florimon/carroll or hicks and dozier/flormon/Carroll. Possibly even moving mauer in the number 2 hole with willingham moving into the 3 spot. Either way this lineup is in position to produce a good number of runs.

1.The Farm System
The farm system is what defines the twins organization now a days. With prospects like Sano and Meyer expected to arrive in a few years, we can only look at this year's prospects to help the big league club. Such as hicks and Gibson, both former 1st round picks and come with high expectations. These two have the best chance to make the team out of spring training and could impact the twins not only for this year but for years to come. Hicks at some point will be playing centerfield and hitting lead off for the twins this year, the only question is when. As for Gibson his role on the majors depends on one of two things. One of them is how the rotation will shape out. My best guess is diamond, Worley, pelfrey, corriea, and Gibson in that order. The other thing is what gardenhire thinks of him in spring training and how he wants to handle him coming off of tommy John surgery. But either way, I hope to see Gibson be that fifth starter out of spring training. Another prospect I'm looking forward to seeing probably won't get here till the second half of the season is oswaldo arcia. I have heard nothing negative about this guy, and excellent compliments from Gardy. Which isn't surprising when he was named the twins minor league player of the year last season. Not only that but he keeps improving, when he got promoted to AA last year he had a better batting average, more home runs and more RBIs. With his numbers there is no reason but to be optimistic about this guy.
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