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Where's Waldo???

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So where the heck is waldo? Everyone who considers themselves a true Twins fan knows who waldo is. He is the fan that has been to every twins game since 2004. He is the guy who sat out in center field at the dome and whore the whit helmet. He is the guy who got acknowledged every game by Torii Hunter and almost always had a ball thrown to him from Torii. His name Greg Dryden and he is almost done with his one year ban from target field. It happened after he caught Jim Thome's HR 596 (?). According to Twins security, he ran over some kid to get the Ball, (he swears he did not touch anyone and after watching the replay over and over, I cant see it!)l and even though he gave the ball to Thome ( in exchange for a signed none game used bat from Mr. Thome) he was giving a one year ban from Target field. Anyone who knows Greg will agree when I say this, I think he would have preferred a bullet in the head!
I understand those who say Greg is a bit to obsessive about the twins. In 2010 he was at every game, but he was at every game outside the fence standing on the plaza! He could not afford tickets that year, yet he was at every game! He does go after those baseballs like it is his life (it is!), but I have seen Greg give away at least 100 baseballs to kids over the years. He collects anything he can get from the twins in an almost insane obsessive manner. But these things are his life and trust me, he will not sell damn near any of it because he cherishes these tokens from his heroes. I know that the Twins security can not stand Greg and I never could really understand why. For right or wrong, Greg has made the Twins his passion. If I were the Twins, I would embrace the easily most recognizable fan of them all. Greg will be back the 2nd game this season against the Angel's because that is when his ban ends. He will be on the plaza next to his bike with his back pack full of twins gear. He will be wearing a new white helmet because I hunted one down for him and gave it to him at Twins fest. It is the least I could do for a fan he cares more about my beloved Twins then anyone I know. So stop by and say welcome back Greg, because I have to be honest, it hasn't been the same with out him!
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  1. righty8383's Avatar
    I heard he had a dispute with the Twins at the end of the '09 season regarding some stuff that was stolen from him. I also heard he didn't like the seats that were reserved for him at Target field so he did not renew in 2010. Thats just what I heard...
  2. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I was wondering. I noticed I hadn't seen him around Target Field. I did see him at Twins Fest with the helmet.
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