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Man outsourced his own career to China to browse web

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From time to time, news outlets fall for a story by satirical news site “The Onion” but several things are so ridiculous, they have to be true. Take for instance, the male who outsourced his own career. He didn't fire himself to pad executive pockets, but hired a Chinese company to do his work for him on the inexpensive so he could sit and watch cat movies while at work.

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Not a prank

When people at the office joke about outsourcing their jobs, they do not mean it traditionally. A traditional company will make a lot of extra money for executives if they fire a bunch of people in the country and pay next to nothing in another country to have the same work done.

When people joke about outsourcing their own career, they mean paying an overseas worker next to nothing to do their jobs for them. One man has really done it, according to the BBC, and this is not a prank by “The Onion.”

The man's identity isn't really known - he's being called “Bob” in the media - but he outsourced his own career, paying a Chinese company to do his own work as a software creator.

Cat video clips apparently that entertaining

According to NPR, Bob’s business hired Verizon to look at its virtual private network security because it saw that it was getting a lot of information from China. Bob was a software creator at the business.

It was found that Bob hired a Chinese software consultancy firm to do the work. Before he was discovered, Bob was considered a model employee. He had really high quality work and always met his work deadlines. Bob made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year due to the good work.

An RSA token was used and shipped to China, according to PC Magazine. While at work, he was really looking at cat videos on YouTube, surfing the internet and getting things online. While at his desk, the Chinese contractors were logged in.

Was doing it for months

Evidently Bob used many different businesses to outsource to, but it only cost him $50,000 a year to do it. He was making hundreds of thousands, so that was not much in his mind. Bob might need loans to get by now that he wastes so much cash instead of doing all the work himself.

Bob was terminated, obviously.




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