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Axel Kohagen

Betting on the Wrong Horse.

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Thought about the title of this blog. How would I feel if someone sends it back to me after a victorious Twins season? Then, I decided I'd feel pretty damn good about a winning season and probably wouldn't care someone reminded me I started out bitter.

Twins fans across the Internet are writing like the team was dying and they're planning the services in its hospital room. Opening Day will be the funeral service, and Spring Training the visitation.

Too morbid?

What's the proper way to prepare for a team that's just not going to cut it? Do I wave my homer hanky or just cry into it? Do I have to pretend like I've got high hopes?

Wait. Maybe I gotta be honest with myself. I do have high hopes, even though my brain keeps reminding me I should know better. As soon as the Twins win one game I'll be convinced they're going to the World Series. They won't, and I won't tell a single person I'm thinking it, but I'll be picking my spot on the parade route.

Somebody taught me once that cynics were just idealists that got hurt.

Anybody else notice how long baseball games last when your team has no chance to seal the deal?

Could go with the "it's always nice to get out to the ballpark," but that's kind of a crock, huh? If the away team gets a five run lead before the end of the third, your seat gets uncomfortable and the cutesy scoreboard videos are insufferable.

I have so much hope for 2014, but have you flipped through a calendar to see how far away that is?

When the season starts, whatever is left in the Twins dugout will come staggering out when the PA system promises they'll knock the cover off the ball. I look at my Minnie and Paul and I just have one favor to ask of them.

However the season goes, let me see someone start a fire that will get me through the winter between this season and the next. Someone has to ignite this deadness.
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  1. old nurse's Avatar
    A fire? Pohlad in effige where the trees used to be on opening day?
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