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Instead of Being Negative, lets look at the positive for the Minnesota Twins 2013

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I haven't had much time to go through the forums and blogs as much as I like to with the new baby on board, I do get a chance on my smartphone during my lunch every day to read TwinsDaily, and I read the Star Tribune. I have to say right now there isn't much good going on in "loserville". As quoted from most of the KFAN guys, which I can't blame right now, nothing is going right. Wild can't get things together, the Gophers are showing who they really are, the Timberwolves aren't fun to watch, and we get to look forward to spring training for a team that has been one of the worst in baseball 2 years running. Well I guess it may be time to get a little positive, and just have some fun with the preview to what could be in 2013 for our MN Twins:

1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well the Twins did change some things up in the coaching staff, Vavra is out and Brunansky is in. I can't say a thing bad about this move, something has to give in a potent lineup and switching things around there can only be a good thing. Gardy is in his last contract year, he may have to switch things up a bit too. I think the biggest switch up, which in a last year of a contract I can't see a better time to do it is making a major switch putting Mauer in the 2 hole. I think every blog post I make has something to do with this. Even if that doesn't happen, I think you are going to see some new things from Gardy this year.

2. Willingham coming off a career yr in HR, Mauer healthy, Morneau very healthy. This lineup should be able to produce more runs this season, we gave up some solid defense and front of the lineup guys for pitching, I think that was the right move, I also think we are going to really need a lot of help to fulfill what is missed at the top, but I am excited to see what the middle of the lineup can do, especially if Plouffe can get to where he was in July, and if Parmalee can gain success at the Major League level.

3. We may have pitching that can get us some innings to keep us in ballgames later. I know we didn't get the marquee guys, but hey, middle of the road guys that can get innings are much, much better than the guys we were throwing out there, that includes Liriano. Look what we had to throw out there the back half of the year. DeVries, Deduno, Duensing, Hendriks, look at the difference to this year. Diamond, Pelfrey, Correia, Worley, Gibson. That is a lot more consistent innings, even though they aren't the big names, we can be in more games, there is no question if we can score more runs with a healthy lineup, and keep us in games we can win a lot more games.

4. 2 way flexibility with payroll. I want to point out that we have a path to the future there is now doubt about it. Look at the marquee players we have on the team for this year and next year. There is a direction that we have to move to, and let me throw this out there. Morneau is an interesting player going into this year, if he plays well and the Twins are doing well, we have the money to add talent, whether that be pitching or offense, and no matter what they should be a future player. If he is doing well, and the team is doing bad, we have a big trade chip and even more future money to put in the following year. It obviously looks like the path to 2014/2015, Morneau is going to be a very interesting piece to that puzzle. Lets hope either way he plays very well, he is my favorite Twins player, I wish he could be a Twin for the rest of his career.

5. It is a new year and anything could happen in a baseball year. And YES I CAN BE A HOMER, AND YES I CAN AT LEAST DREAM THAT A MIRACLE CAN HAPPEN. That is what makes us fans, and I am hoping for a glimmer of hope going on in 2013 for the Minnesota Twins.

We have harped on the payroll long enough, we have harped on not getting enough pitching help long enough, lets see if we can stay positive until the first week or two of the season anyway.
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  1. wagwan's Avatar
    I agree with #5. Why not hope? If the Twins allow 100 less runs ...doable...score 50 more runs I think with Morneau and Parmalee improving.. doable.. then they will be close to 500 and 80 or so wins. The Twins won the Series with 85 wins in 1987. So why not hope? Its much more fun.
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