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What to do with Morneau?

So who's left?

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OK, maybe I was a little down after that Kevin Correia signing…sort of left a bad taste in my mouth. Really can’t recall anyone attempting a positive spin on the acquisition. Thing is, Terry Ryan continues to say that the Twins are not done and they need more starters.
Now the Twins have acquired Mike Pelfrey who might have a chance of contributing, depending how he comes back from the Tommy John surgery early last year (kind of the same situation that Scott Baker would have been). I noticed that both of these guys were on the list of pitchers the Twins organization were talking with during the winter meetings, so who's left?

One good news story-line is that talks broke down with Liriano; but John Lannon is going to the Phillies and Joe Blanton is going to the LA Angels, leaving the names the Twins have offers (or just conversations) out still in play…Joe Saunders, Shaun Marcum, Brett Myers, Jair Jerrjens, and Vinente Padilla. Sure hope to see a signing from a name in the front of the list rather than the end of the list.
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  1. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Drew to Baaaston for 9.5 million ,and many complain about Joes contract ....
  2. NoCryingInBaseball's Avatar
    Ohhh, You meant Boston.
  3. NoCryingInBaseball's Avatar
    ...with an accent.
  4. Rosterman's Avatar
    I still like the Twins looking at Myers or Padilla....both could bullpen if/when Gibson becomes available. Saunders would be nothing but short term. Jiurgens would be a nice acquisition. And I would still grab Webb and start him at AA and see if he can work his way back. Yes, would like one more starter, a better infielder (even thrid base....move Plouffe to right field) and bring back Thome!
  5. LewFordLives's Avatar
    By my count, with the addition of Pelfrey the 40 man roster is now full. I don't see them going after any more starting pitching unless that person is willing to sign a minor league contract. Assuming Pelfrey is ready to go by April, that leaves only one spot in the rotation for DeVries/Deduno/Blackburn et. al. Jerrjens is the only one I can think of that might be available on a minor league deal, but even that's unlikely in this market.
  6. LimestoneBaggy's Avatar

    Sign anyone with an arm and we can pass K. Corr through waivers. No ones is taking that salary on.
  7. glunn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LimestoneBaggy

    Sign anyone with an arm and we can pass K. Corr through waivers. No ones is taking that salary on.
    If that works, it would be brilliant.
  8. gil4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NoCryingInBaseball
    ...with an accent.
    With a Baaastonian accent, to be precise.
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