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Axel Kohagen

Sacrificing Shirseys.

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I drive by Target Field nearly every day. In the off-season, it looks like a brand new piece of playground equipment. The next time I go past it, it'll look broken-in.

Target Field's not Yankee stadium, but it deserves history. And what's history without a few ghosts?

Revere was a player with a future. Moving him is smart. Giving up winter dreams about his potential will still hurt.

I was as ready as I could be to lose Span. Losing Revere came as a surprise. I'm an jag-off for not getting Revere to sign my picture of his leaping catch this year.

Others are gone, and more will probably be traded. I don't own a shirsey with the name of a current Twins player on the back of it. The Twinsfest tables holding discounted shirts with departed names on their backs will be overflowing this January.

Things are brewing in the farm systems. A new team dynamic will rise from the ashes of two cruddy seasons and a lack of hope for the future.

At least we're not the Royals, trapped in a beautiful stadium with a team that can't get out of first gear. Maybe if they keep sucking, we can trade for that center field fountain to fill the spot where the trees used to be.


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