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Jeremy Nygaard

Spring Training Roster, other tidbits.

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Though there may be moves yet to happen, you can view the updated Spring Training Roster here.

Some comparisons between last year's spring training roster and this year's:

Pitchers - Last year the Twins brought in 33 pitchers, this year the number is currently at 34.

Catchers - A year ago there were eight catchers officially invited and one added in the weeks leading up to spring training. This year the Twins have five on their 40-man and have invited four more.

Omissions - All hitters that remain in the Twins system from 2012 who finished the year at New Britain or Rochester were invited... with the exception of two players: OF Evan Bigley, INF Nate Hanson. The exclusion of Bigley comes as somewhat of a surprise, given how much Tom Kelly raved about him last year.

Numbers-crunch - To my knowledge, the Twins flat-out cut six players either during or at the conclusion of camp who were invited to big-league camp. (That doesn't include Terry Doyle who was sent back to the White Sox.)

There are 91 players either on the 40-man, list of non-roster invites orremaining players (mostly pitchers) who completed last year at AA or AAA.

With the numbers of catchers, it's possible that one could possibly start the year at Fort Myers, but we won't count on it. At the MLB, AAA and AA levels, there are 75 spots on the active roster. That leaves 16 players without active spots without considering ANY promotions from the year-end Fort Myers roster.

While every year is different, looking solely at what happened last year, that doesn't bode well for those pitchers that pitched at AAA or AA last year that weren't invited to big-league camp. (If you're wondering who those guys might be clink the link at the top of the page to view the rosters of those teams.)
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