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Incomplete Voltron – 2013 Twins and Beyond

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Incomplete Voltron – 2013 Twins and Beyond

Now that I am living in Kagoshima, Japan, I have been enjoying myself – it has been quite an adventure and a culture shock. I have procured a job at a Burger King, working as a greeter dressed up as the “Burger King”. I have had better jobs in my lifetime, but overall it has been a pretty good experience. The customers have some nicknames for me, which is touching. They call me “Okuraseru” and “Akushū o hanatsu”. It is nice to feel loved and appreciated by this honorable and glorious society.

I have been running into a lot of Voltron cartoons from the 1980’s. Before the last month, It has been probably 25 years since I had last seen an episode of Voltron. Being that I am in Japan and do not know Japanese, I have no idea what anyone is saying and that makes it sort of fun. Watching these Voltron episodes makes me think about the Minnesota Twins.

In most Voltron episodes (using the Golion Team as an example), after enduring some touch and go battles with their nemesis, the Humanoid piloted Lion robots combine to form Voltron and save the day.

Lance manned the Red Lion and Pidge manned the Green Lion. The Red and Green Lions were the arms of Voltron.

If the Twins were to be compared to the Golion Voltron, they would be armless, they are without a pilot to man the Red and Green Lion.

I would imagine that Zach Greinke, Anibal Sanchez or Shaun Marcum could pilot the Red or Green Lion, but they most probably have other destinations.

Trades could also bring home some able pilots – such as James Shields, Jeremy Hellickson, Kris Medlen, Mike Minor or Matt Moore, but these trades would lead to us to probably having to trade one of the the pilots of the Black, Blue and Yellow Lion… thus making the Twin’s Voltron unable to form.

The next three seasons for the Twin’s Voltron do not look promising. I suspect it will be 2-3 awful seasons of episodes and hopefully in the 3rd or 4th season some new recruits will have what it takes to pilot the Red and Green Lion.


Bark’s Lounge
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  1. Boom Boom's Avatar
    Poor Lance's cockpit was positioned inside of Voltron's right knuckles. The one that held the Blazing Sword and swung around a lot. That must have been nauseating.
  2. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Just when I think things can't get any cooler than posts from Japan about the Twins you go ahead and invoke Voltron...I always felt like the Blue Lion guy (who got killed or hurt really early in the series and replaced by the princess) got a pretty rough deal.

    Hmm...he also sounds a bit like a typical Twins' free agent pitcher. High promise and potential, gone before the season is over...what was that character's name? Russ Ortiz? Sidney Ponson?
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