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Possible Replacements if Morneau Goes Down

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The entire state of Minnesota wants Justin Morneau to return to his MVP form. After hearing Morneau talk last week, it sounds like he will never be the same. The last few season he has been affected by various injuries including a severe concussion. He has undergone four surgeries since the end of the 2011 season. We would all love to see the M & M boys back in the lineup. The Twins are much better with Morneau in the lineup, but the reality is that he may not be around for much longer. Possible replacements for Morneau include Joe Mauer, Chris Parmelee, Luke Hughes, and Ryan Doumit. If the Twins can find someone to catch 40 plus games than this would be ideal. If Mauer can catch 100-120 games the Twins would be very happy. He could fill in at first for roughly 30 games. Chris Parmelee proved in September that he can hit at the major league level. He would likely be the favorite to get the majority of the playing time. Luke Hughes is hoping to earn a utility spot out of Spring Training and could also see some time at 1st base. Ryan Doumit was signed as a catcher/outfielder. He can also play 1st base although he has stated that he prefers not to. Much of the Twins success in 2012 will hinge on the health of Justin Morneau.
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    As you said in the article, I don't really see Doumit playing much at first, but the Twins do have several possible options besides Morneau. The ones that I would trust the most at first would be Mauer (because he is most likely going to end up there anyway) and Parmelee, although he needs to prove that the call-up last year wasn't just a streak of really good hitting.
  2. Sbb33's Avatar
    bates is a possible right handed replacement. Give him a chance he can prove that. He replaced mike Lowell and Jeff bailey in 2009, for a stint with Boston and did well. Sometimes all a guy needs is a long enough shot.
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