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Rock the Vote: Twins Top Hitters of All-Time

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Happy Election Day 2012! It may be happy for you for many reasons. Maybe your candidate will win. Or, maybe you are just happy that you donít have to see any more political advertisements on TV for a couple of years. In any case, be sure to take time today to make your voice heard on a ballot.

Here are Twins Daily, you havenít read any articles on the politicians, and you wonít. However, on this election day, I did think it would be fun to take another look at some of the greatest Minnesota Twins players over their 52 seasons in Minnesota. Below, I will list 12 candidates. Of course, there are a handful at the top of everyoneís list, but I encourage you to Ďvoteí in the Comments below. Rank them 1-10, and at the end of the day, we can take a look at see who Twins Daily ranks as the Top 10 Twins hitters of all time. Of course, on your voting ballot today, you can feel free to write-in me (or anyone else). Likewise, if I missed a candidate you would consider, feel free to write him in.

With that, here are a couple of charts looking at the top Twins players statistically. These lists are alphabetical so as not to provide any bias.

Player Yrs w/Twins Games H-AB 2B/3B/HR
Bob Allison 1961-1970 1236 999-3926 167/41/211
Rod Carew 1967-1978 1635 2085-6235 305/90/74
Michael Cuddyer 2001-2011 1139 1106-4072 239/35/141
Gary Gaetti 1981-1990 1361 1276-4989 252/25/201
Kent Hrbek 1981-1994 1747 1749-6192 312/18/293
Torii Hunter 1997-2007 1234 1218-4492 259/26/192
Harmon Killebrew 1961-1974 1939 1713-6593 232/21/475
Chuck Knoblauch 1991-1997 1013 1197-3939 210/51/43
Joe Mauer 2004-Curr 1065 1270-3933 247/20/94
Justin Morneau 2003-Curr 1151 1190-4254 257/16/204
Tony Oliva 1962-1976 1676 1917-6301 329/48/220
Kirby Puckett 1984-1995 1783 2304-7244 414/57/207

I notice that each Twins decade is represented by at least one or two players. In other words, even through some of the bad times, the Twins have always had a hitter or two in their lineup that put up numbers. Here are some more numbers:

Bob Allison 28.4 .254/.361/.479 .840 (131)
Rod Carew 60.4 .334/.393/.448 .841 (137)
Michael Cuddyer 10.2 .272/.343/.451 .794 (111)
Gary Gaetti 24.8 .256/.307/.437 .749 (100)
Kent Hrbek 35.7 .282/.367/.481 .848 (128)
Torii Hunter 24.7 .271/.324/.469 .793 (104)
Harmon Killebrew 56.1 .260/.383/.518 .901 (148)
Chuck Knoblauch 36.3 .304/.391/.416 .807 (114)
Joe Mauer 37.0 .323/.405/.468 .873 (135)
Justin Morneau 19.2 .280/.351/.492 .842 (123)
Tony Oliva 39.7 .304/.353/.476 .830 (131)
Kirby Puckett 48.2 .318/.360/.477 .837 (124)

What role does defense play in your vote? The Twins player with the best defensive WAR in their years is Greg Gagne, and he isnít on this list at all. However, this overall WAR number does include defense which clearly has helped a couple of players and hurt others. I also find it interesting comparing the OPS+ numbers from era to era.

So, what is your Top 10? How does your ballot look? Iíll post mine in the Comments section, but be sure to have your voice heard today!
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