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Why the Twins Will Win in 2012

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The Minnesota Twins will win the AL Central in 2012. They have not made the flashiest moves this offseason, but they have made the right ones. While the Detroit Tigers get all of the attention, the Twins will fly under the radar. Under Ron Gardenhire, the Twins have become accustomed to being overlooked. The Twins need to keep in mind that history repeats itself. The Tigers will not win because they lack a solid defense. The old saying is "defense wins championships" and that's exactly what the Twins have. With Miguel Cabrera moving to 3rd base, the Tigers will lack range all over the infield. Many of the Twins will bounce back from a tough 2011. They will regain the their winning ways and win the 2012 American League Central Divison.
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  1. WolvesGeek's Avatar
    From your lips to God's ears on the defense. Last year was the most difficult season I've seen from a Twins team defensively in a generation. Not to malign Billy Smith about everything that went wrong last season, but we have to hope that Terry Ryan's track record when it comes to fundamentals will reappear.
  2. RobbySmith's Avatar
    Nick, I am sorry to say that I disagree with you on this one. I don't think that the twins even have a chance to win this year. In my mind I'm thinking that we need to prepare ourselves for last or second to last (if we can beat out the royals) in the division. I just can't see this team pulling out to many wins for the state on Minnesota this year.
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I think that you are right about the Tigers definately losing many runs per game now that their infield looks like: 1b: Fielder; 2b: Inge/Santiago; 3b: Cabrera; SS: Peralta. You can't win games with that defense, but if they produce, they will win with their offense. The Twins need to do better both at fielding and producing at the plate to have a shot at contending this year. The good thing about having down years is that you get good draft picks, and the Twins definately need to score some big ones to help them out in their minor leagues.
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