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Do the Twins Need to Spend More Money?

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Many Twins fans have expressed disappointment in the Twins lack of spending. Do the Twins need to spend more money? The answer to this is no. The 2012 payroll is sitting at roughly 100 million, which ranks among the top in all of baseball. Also, spending more money does not always translate to wins, for example the 2011 Twins. The Twins will now have the flexibility to make a trade at the trading deadline and have the chance to acquire more talent. Finally, when Terry Ryan was in his first stint as General Manager, his payroll never topped 71 million. The Twins had a lot of success during his first tenure, and it shows that more money does not necessarily mean more wins. The Twins will be out to prove people wrong in 2012.
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  1. Highabove's Avatar
    Each Teams circumstances dictate the level of payroll they need. The Tampa Rays do not need a large payroll. Their farm system is producing star players. Yes Terry Ryan did more with less Money but look at who the farm system was producing back then. Do the current Twins need a little more payroll. The state of the Bullpen will give you that answer.
  2. Fanatic Jack's Avatar
    Absolutely!! It was shocking to me as a season ticket holder ownership slashed payroll by $15 million after drawing 3.2 million fans in year two of Target Field (Financed by tax payers). They will be under a ton of pressure in 2013 to spend some loot after they lose 90-95 games this year.
    Updated 02-28-2012 at 09:36 PM by Fanatic Jack
  3. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Good blog, Nick! I'm with you 100% Payroll isn't a direct link to win, as you mentioned, we need look no further than 2011 Twins. Take Mauer and Morneau's contracts at a combined $37 million, and Ryan has $63 million to put together the other 22-23 players on the roster. I'll take my chances, for sure.
  4. Fanatic Jack's Avatar

    I think we should release all our good players and give the young guys in New Britain a shot. They deserve it and payroll is not important anyways. Do you work for the Twins?
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